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Will WPC Cladding Suffer From Thermal Expansion?

Many consumers must have heard that WPC cladding is waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosive and will not deform.

However, some people have put forward this point of view: WPC cladding has a shrinkage ratio of three thousandths in terms of thermal expansion and contraction, which means 1000 cm will have a deformation range of 3 cm. If this continues, there will be significant gaps in the future. This statement is not rigorous.

The influence of temperature on the WPC cladding should be considered when we talk about thermal expansion and contraction.

The WPC cladding is a new type of composite material made of PVC and wood fiber and so forth, supplemented by appropriate processing aids, and prepared by a hot-pressing preparation process. Since the source of suspicion is PVC, PVC has no fixed melting point. It starts to soften at 80~85℃, becomes viscoelastic at 130℃, and becomes viscous at 160~180℃. It must be fused with wood fiber and other raw materials. The temperature will not be lower than 130°C. It is true that the heat distortion temperature of PVC is 70°C, but the indoor temperature is generally difficult to exceed 45°C, and it is difficult to reach the point of deformation.

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