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Characteristics of Fire Resistant Decking

In modern home decoration, solid wood furniture and objects occupy a large proportion. Especially in the kitchen, if you use wooden cabinets, you must be alert to fire. Fire resistant decking has the advantages of good wear resistance, fire resistant and flame retardant properties. As people pay more attention to home safety, the application of fireproof decking is becoming more and more common. However, there are still many people who don't know much about fireproof decking, and they are easy to be deceived by unscrupulous merchants when buying. Therefore, before purchasing, you need to have a rough understanding of fireproof decking.

1. The characteristics of fire-resistant decking

Fire protection is only a unilateral performance of the fireproof decking, and the fireproof decking also has some other high-quality characteristics. After the fireproof decking is impregnated with melamine and phenolic resin and pressed under high temperature and high pressure, it also has the characteristics of ordinary veneers that are beyond the reach of dust: wear resistance, impact resistance, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, smoke resistance, fire resistance, antibacterial, mildewproof and antistatic. Many destructive behaviors may occur in the room, the fireproof decking has a strong tolerance.

2. The appearance of the fire-resistant decking

Fire-resistant decking has a wide variety of appearances, including imitation wood grain, imitation stone, metal finishes, etc., and the appearance effects that can be displayed are indeed very diverse. There are also differences in the places where fire-resistant deckings with different appearances are suitable for use.

Some consumers believe that after the cabinets are pasted on the fireproof decking, they are foolproof, even if they are burned with an open flame. In fact, this is a common misunderstanding about fireproof decking. The fire-resistant decking is actually a fire-resistant board, which has a certain degree of fire resistance, that is, it will be carbonized after a chemical reaction occurs after grilling with an open flame for a period of time. Therefore, fireproof decking has the effect of fire prevention, but it does not mean that it cannot burn. The longer the fire-resistant time, the better the fire-resistant decking.

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