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Are There Misconceptions about WPC Decking?

1. WPC Decking is not environmentally friendly   Some customers think that its material contains a certain formaldehyde, and the double-layer plywood in the middle of the board is not environmentally friendly. As long as the amount of formaldehyde in the wood-plastic floor is within the scope of the national limit, it can be used with peace of mind.

2. Add joinery board when paving

To better pursue the perfect upper foot, some customers put a layer of joinery board on the main keel. The quality of the joinery board varies, and fake and inferior joinery boards may harm the laying quality of plastic wood flooring. Therefore, it is necessary to select well-known joinery boards sold in the market.

3. Too much emphasis on the same textures

WPC decking is a natural finished product of wood. Because of the differences in types, sunlight and other elements, the texture of wood is not entirely the same. There are signs of color aberration in WPC decking. And there is no need to pursue perfect and the same tone too much.

4. Not emphasis on layout

WPC decking features immediate pasting, main keel paving, and floating paving. No matter which paving method is accepted, there is no doubt that a good engineering construction team must be selected to achieve "three no paving", that is: no paving on wet wall and pavement; on paving by fake and inferior auxiliary materials; no paving in too urgent construction period.

Four Misconceptions about WPC Decking
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