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The Different Aspect of Hard Wearing Decking

Hard wearing decking has a tremendous usage amount and is widely used in private courtyards and gardens at home and abroad. Whether it is solid wood floor or hard wearing decking, it is welcomed and loved by consumers, especially the hard wearing decking, whose appearance has attracted the attention of many consumers. So, how about the plastic wood floor? Let's take a look!

1. What is hard wearing decking?

Plastic wood is also known as wood plastic composite (WPC). Different from pure wood or preservative-treated wood, it is a new type of material produced by mixing a certain proportion of waste plant fibers (wood powder, rice husk, straw) and polymer materials, which not only saves forest resources, but also can be recycled.

2. Toughness

Hard wearing decking originates from wood, while is better than wood. It not only overcomes the defects of natural wood, defending moisture, insect and ant, but also retains the plasticity of wood, which can be drilled and planed, is not easy to deform and has good toughness.

3. Durability

Hard wearing decking has high strength, water resistance and strong impact resistance. In the outdoor environment, it does not deteriorate and embrittle as well as remains the performance unchanged.

4. Visual effects

The so-called visual effect is aesthetics, which is an advantage of hard wearing decking. Compared with an ordinary wood, the hard wearing decking is paint-free. It can restore natural wood texture and is extremely rich in colors, varieties, and styles, which can meet the individual needs of consumers for DIY.

Is hard wearing decking good? Having said so much, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding. The hard wearing decking is essential for tooling and home decoration, and you deserve to have it!

hard wearing decking
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