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WPC In Furniture Manufacturing

Plastic wood composite materials is the focus of future research. It is applied in furniture manufacturing, promoting the further development of furniture manufacturing industry. With the help of the excellent performance of plastic wood furniture, the market puts forward higher requirements for plastic wood furniture, plastic wood furniture and its components. How to achieve "high-Strength Light Weight" is becoming a heated topic among material researchers and designers.

Good Mechanics

The toughness and strength of the material will directly affect the quality of furniture, and under the improvement of the formulation, the impact and bending properties of the plastic wood composite materials have been significantly improved. The plastic composite materials made of glass fiber and sword and hemp fiber have higher quality mechanics than traditional materials. Of course, the performance of plastic wood composites will also be affected by plastic type and filler factors, different raw material formulations, then the performance will be a large difference, according to specific application requirements to arrange.


Unlike household goods, clothing and food, furniture is accompanied by people's use time is very long, the pace of replacement is slow, therefore, people have very high requirements for the durability and corrosion of furniture. Plastic wood composite materials have high-quality anti-moth, anti-corrosion, anti-dry cracking, flame retardant, waterproof performance, researchers are for the material wear resistance, thermal stability, creep research, having achieved preliminary results.

Antibacterial and antibacterial properties

For bathroom, restaurant, kitchen furniture, not only beautiful, but also with antibacterial and antibacterial function, plastic wood composites have good antibacterial and antibacterial properties, in recent years, the study of plastic wood composites antibacterial problems has begun from broad-spectrum antibacterial to anti-pathogenic bacteria stage. In recent years, plastic wood furniture began to develop to more fields, and gradually reflects the art style of the plastic wood composite material itself. Designers through the study found that small households need more simple, affordable, safe and comfortable furniture, and wood composite materials are able to meet the needs of small households.

WPC In Furniture Manufacturing
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