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How to Install Composite Deck Tiles

There are many accessories and accessories materials for the installation of wpc decking. You need to understand the characteristics of each accessory, and then combine them with the performance of wpc decking in order to install it!

Engineering construction methods of plastic wood and attention to floor installation:

1. Before installing composite deck tiles

a. From the professional perspective of deck tile installation, before the beginning of installation work, the composite deck tiles must be kept dry, flat and clean, so as to better ensure the smooth progress of the subsequent installation work.

b. Prepare installation tools, such as electric drill, common woodworking tools, labor protective gloves, stainless steel screws and so on, among which the electric drill is a necessary tool for installing plastic wood floor. Plastic wood floor has great brittleness, when fixing the deck tile and the keels, the electric drills must be used to lead holes, and then screws are installed to fix them so as to prevent the composite deck tiles from damage.

2. When installing composite deck tiles

a. Fixing the plastic wood keels

Arranging the plastic wood keels evenly and spreading them on the cement floor, the spacing of each keel to 30cm is recommended. Then using an electric drill to lead the hole on the keel, the diameter of the lead hole should not be less than the diameter of the screw. Next, twisting the screw into the drilled hole and fixing the keel on the cement ground, the nail head should be totally screwed into the keel and not exposed at outside, otherwise it may cause the uneven deck tile surface.

b. Fixing the first composite deck tiles

There are yin and yang grooves on both left and right sides of each wpc decking. When paving the first deck tile, use woodworking tools to saw off or grind off the yang grooves on the outside of the deck tile and then use an electric drill to lead holes on the surface of the deck tile, screwing in nails and fixing it on the keel.

c. Fixing the second composite deck tiles

Embed the yang groove of the second wpc decking tile to the yin groove of the first deck tile and then drill the lead hole on the side surface of the yang groove of the second deck tile, twisting in the screw to fix it on the keel. The screw spacing can be controlled by the construction personnel during the installation process. It doesn’t have to be too dense, just ensuring the firmness. The following installation procedure of the wpc decking is the same as the before, so there is no need to explain more.

how to install composite deck tiles
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