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How to choose outdoor plastic-wood floor?

Low-carbon, environmentally friendly and durable wood-plastic decking has appeared increasingly. Its waterproof anti-mold, anti-corrosion and anti-worm features replace the traditional wood deck. So, when we buy plastic wood decking, what places should we pay attention to?

1. Budget

At present, plastic-wood decking market price varies because of the manufacturer's formula, technology and floor cross-sectional form. Generally speaking, if you have an adequate budget, it’d be better to use solid plastic wood decking. If the budget is limited, the choice of hollow plastic wood decking is also suitable.

2. Area

Suppose you live in areas with large temperature differences in morning and evening or winter and summer but relatively low air humidity, it is recommended to use round-hole hollow plastic wood floors. If you live in areas with small seasonal temperature differences but high air humidity,  it is recommended to use solid decks. Suppose you wish to mold wooden floors Installed on the roof. In that case, the traffic is also small, then choose square hole hollow. If you plan to install plastic decking in crowded public leisure and entertainment venues, please choose more wear-resistant and aging co-extruded wood decking, and it is worth noting that whether it is square hollow or round hole hollow plastic wood floor, in the installation, be sure to pay attention to the face hole blocking, to prevent insect ants or water vapor into.

3. Design planning

Whether it's a cold color system or a warm color, the colors you touch can affect your mood and your design style. Plastic wood floor color, texture, thickness, width, length, etc. can have a lot of room for selection or even completely personalized customization. Therefore, before buying plastic wood decking, please be sure to consult a professional designer or wood materials professionals so as not to install the effect and design is very different.

How to choose outdoor plastic-wood floor?
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