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The Differences between Solid Decks and Hollow Decks

Solid deck Solid deck is the most mature plastic-wood deck with the most stable structure and the best quality. Its robustness and load-bearing capacity are better, and it is a good product that most of the house owners choose.

Advantages of solid composite deck:

High hardness and strong bearing capacity;

Does not absorb water and avoids internal damp and rot;

High-temperature resistance to avoid colonization of internal insect eggs;

Anti-corrosion, anti-static, insulation, heat insulation, flame retardant.

Hollow deck

Hollow deck is a plastic wood deck with through holes inside the deck. The surface effect is no different from other plastic wood floors, but the bearing capacity and hardness of the deck itself are greatly weakened.

Advantages of hollow deck:

Low price, light weight, easy to carry.

Hollow decks are more popular among construction teams.

Hardness and load-bearing capacity are moderate. Problems, such as the colonization of insect eggs, cannot be solved at present.

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