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Plastic Wood Composite Adds Luster to Urban Construction

As a new type of energy-saving, environmentally friendly, recycling, and low-carbon material, wood plastic composite has gradually been used widely in garden landscape projects with its unique woodiness, water-resistance, insect-resistance, non-deformation, long service life, and rich colors.

1. Plastic wood railing

There are many types of plastic-wood railings, various styles and rich colors, providing customers with a variety of choices, and the composite wood railing material is insect-proof and termite-proof, which can effectively eliminate insect harassment and extend its service life.

2. Plastic wood flower stand

Plastic wood flower stands are flower stands made of plastic wood material. They are usually used in the construction of gardens and landscapes. They can divide the plant space and increase the depth of the landscape. Plastic wood flower stands can also provide growth conditions for certain plants.

3. Plastic wood flooring

There are many types of wood-plastic flooring, which can meet the needs of different users, and wood-plastic flooring has good moisture resistance, water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, fungus resistance, antistatic, and insect resistance.

plastic wood composite
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