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Why More and More People Use WPC?

Wood plastic composite(WPC) decking, cladding, pergola, railing and fence have good performance against UV (ultraviolet). These WPC products feature color stability, low thermal expansion rate, tractability, vivid wood texture, water-resistance and anti-corrosion. WPC products do not need to be painted and do not contain glue. We hardly spend money on the maintenance. WPC products are 100% environmentally friendly. It can be used in the places where temperature varies from minus 40 degrees to 60 degrees.

WPC combines the advantages of both wood and plastic in terms of lifespan and materials. It is durable with vivid wood appearance, higher hardness than plastic finished products, strong rigidity, resistance to strong acid and alkali, water-resistance, corrosion-resistance, and does not reproduce bacteria. It is also not easy to be decayed by worms and fungi. Moreover, it contains zero formaldehyde, non-pollution with better anti-enzyme sterilization, making it stand out in the indoor and outdoor environments for longer years.

For many civic projects, WPC is the first choice for gardens with colors and textures vividly resembling natural hardwood, making gardens more natural and harmonious. Above are the reasons why more and more people use WPC.

Why More and More People Use WPC?
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