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The Pretty Useful WPC Pergola

The wpc pergola is made of a new type of plastic wood composite material, which is used for climbing and growing vines or placing potted plants and it can also be called plastic wood gallery frame. The wpc pergola is assembled from plastic wood materials. It can divide the plant space and increase the landscape depth in the garden landscape.

Since the wpc pergola is made of plastic wood material, it not only brings a feeling with warm and moist touch of solid wood from the appearance, but also has the excellent water-proof and moisture-proof functions of plastic.

Moistureproofing and anti-corrosiveness are the major advantages of the wpc pergola. Ordinary solid wood pergola is prone to mildew, decay, deform as well as crack due to the performance problems of solid wood in garden landscape installation, so generally its life span is not long. While the wpc pergola has the decisive advantages in the aspect of anti-corrosion, water-proofing, anti-cracking and anti-deformation.

The wpc pergola also has a unique advantages in preventing insects and termites. As the material of the wpc pergola is composed of polymer materials, its density is as high as 1.3g/cm, greatly exceeding the 0.5g/cm of solid wood materials. And the particularity of the material can also effectively extend the service life of the wpc pergola. What’s more, the plasticity of the wpc pergola is much better than that of the traditional solid wood pergola. Except as being made according to the traditional appearance, it can also be scientifically and reasonably customized in accordance with the installation using environment as well as personal preferences.

The wpc pergola has always been used as decoration in residential areas, squares, scenic spots, schools, parks, villas and other places. As a popular wpc composite product, the wpc pergola has always spared no effort to give full play to its effect, becoming the focus of scenic spots.

wpc pergola
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