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The Application of Wood-plastic Materials in Landscape

Wood plastic material, also known as plastic wood, is an eco-friendly with polymer composite materials for building decoration. Wood plastic materials are widely used for indoor and outdoor decoration, including wall panels, outdoor landscape walkway flooring, gazebos, gallery frames, garden guardrails, fences, leisure benches, tree pools, flower racks and so on. Now the author will introduce you some applications of plastic wood materials in outdoor landscape garden engineering.

1. Wood plastic composite is not easy to deform because it is anti-corrosion, anti-mold, waterproof, anti-insect, and anti-moths. It can be used for guardrails in wet and multi-water environment landscapes. Plastic wood composite materials do not need daily maintenance. Its service life is several times longer than that of ordinary wood, and with its simulation of the visual effects of wood, it can meet people's pursuit of nature.

2. Wood-plastic flooring in the villa courtyard and other outdoor terrace platforms not only fully demonstrates the warmth and affinity of natural wood, but also coordinates with green planting. It meets the public's continuous pursuit of beauty.

3. Wood-plastic composite materials in parks, lakes, wetlands and other water-based attractions, can be combined with water walkways, observation corridors and other designs. It can better demonstrate the ecological and harmonious feature of platforms that are close to water.

4. Wooden park bench and leisure chair with their unique visual effects and changeable shape have gradually become a beautiful landscape in the city garden landscape. In addition to bringing convenience to people, it also meets the needs of low-carbon environmental protection of new urbanization construction.

5. Wood-plastic gallery frame, flower rack, tree pond and antique gazebo in the modern landscape construction can better show the effect of ecological nature. Visitors can enjoy rich colors of plastic wood materials.

6. Rich color, stable performance and combination with lock show reliability of wood-plastic wall panels in the field of interior and exterior wall decoration.

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