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Wood Plastic Composite Applications Are Becoming Diverse

Plastic-wood composite materials are green and environmentally friendly materials in the 21st century, which have been widely used in various fields. floor, packaging trays and building decoration materials, and substitute plastic products are the main focus in Chinese domestic development and application. In gardens, the application forms and product types of plastic wood materials are gradually becoming diversified.


In contrast, plastic wood effect decking has fewer cracking and splitting conditions and less maintenance in the outdoors. Given the excellent moisture resistance, dimensional stability and identical visual effect as wood, wpc decking is used more and more widely. Because it is environmentally friendly and has the effect of wood, it may replace solid wood panels in garden construction.

Plank road

With the continuous improvement of human civilization, people's aspirations have changed from "industrial" cities to "ecological" cities. The use of wpc materials on the landscape plank will bring people closer to nature. Coupled with the green environmental protection characteristics of plastic wood materials, it beautifies the urban environment and protects our living environment. The paths formed by plastic wood materials integrate with nature perfectly.

Hot springs, swimming pools

The decoration of foreign swimming pools is almost inseparable from the plastic wood floor, mainly due to its super waterproof, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, anti-corrosion, insect-proof and acid-proof characteristics. The general decoration materials are comfortable but not durable and do not last for a long time. It may swell and crack due to water absorption. Or it is durable but not comfortable enough to step on. The wood-plastic floor has a good combination of these materials' advantages and is excellent in practicability and decoration.


The common guardrail materials in daily life are mainly metal, stone, anti-corrosive wood, glass, and so on. The primary forms of guardrails are railings, handrails, stair railings, wooden fences, etc. Apart from the essential safety function in the urban landscape design, the guardrail gradually obtains decorative function.

wpc application
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