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  5. Application of Plastic-wood Composite Materials in Stadium Decoration

Application of Plastic-wood Composite Materials in Stadium Decoration

In recent years, the application of plastic wood composite material has been all over the field. It is a new environmentally friendly material to replace wood. With people's attention to health, plastic wood composite material has been recognized in the field of stadium decoration. The use of biomass materials and polymer materials for polymerization improves the comprehensive utilization rate of wood, which is recyclable, degradable, and recyclable. There is no pollution from production, and it is called a true environmental protection material in the whole process. Plastic-wood composite materials have become the new favorite in architectural decoration.

1.WPC cladding series: plastic wood interior wall panel/exterior wall panel is the earliest development, the most variety, and the most widely used series in the series of products. Generally applicable to the building exterior wall, building door, outdoor landscape, company image wall, TV background wall, living room bedroom wall, bathroom wall and so on, there are many places available, and in the environment with water has incomparable advantages.

2.Smallpox ceiling series: plastic wood ceiling/series is according to the market needs to develop a series of products, form a complete set of relatively perfect, the traditional aluminum alloy, plastic ceiling installation method, and the same general keel, commonly installed understand traditional condole top workers can plastic wood condole top, add plastic wood is can nail can curium plane, so the processing and more easily than aluminum alloy or plastic smallpox modelling. Generally used with the family ceiling, stores, restaurants, leisure clubs, large public places, etc. Can create publicity for the personality of the three-dimensional curved surface modeling, especially suitable for the need to pursue personality, art modeling characteristic space and special places to use.

3.WPC decking series: plastic wood floor series is the main push series of products in the future, although the competition in the floor industry is very fierce, but plastic wood floor still has a place in the market with unique advantages. It not only maintains the texture of the wooden floor and the gentle effect on contact, but also provides excellent waterproof, moisture-proof, mildew proof, termite proof, and occasionally produces deformation and warping. Plastic wood floors in the outdoor use of fantastic effects, can be perfect for toilets, bathrooms, swimming pools, sauna and other places. Huizhou Oakio has brought a fresh monsoon, showed extraordinary style, brought designers more inspiration and space, promoted the innovation of home design culture and the development of ecological home environment.

Plastic-wood Composite
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