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Application of Plastic Wood Composites in Venue Decoration

In recent years, the application of plastic wood composite materials is ubiquitous. It is a new type of environmental protection material to replace wood with pure ecological protection and free pollution. The polymerization of biomass materials and polymeric materials improves the comprehensive utilization rate of wood, which is recyclable, biodegradable and recyclable.

1. Cladding series: plastic wood interior wallboard / exterior wallboard is the earliest development of products, the most various, and the most widely used series. Generally applicable to the building façade wall, building façade, outdoor landscape, television background wall, living room bedroom wall, bathroom wall, etc..

2. Decking series: plastic wood decking series are products that will be in high demand in the future. Although the flooring industry is in extremely fierce competition, plastic wood flooring still has a place in the market with unique advantages. Plastic wood flooring can be used very well in the bathroom, bathroom, swimming pool, sauna and other places. Plastic wood brings a refreshing monsoon, showing extraordinary style, bringing designers more inspiration and space and promoting the innovation of home design culture

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