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What Material is Better for the Floor and Fence in the Garden

At the mention of the garden decoration, whether it is indoor or outdoor, you may find that floor and fences are definitely a big project. Is plastic wood better or anti-corrosive wood better? Don't worry, here is the solution for you.

1. The wpc fence panels have less loss than anti-corrosive wood.

Under the condition of the same construction area or volume, plastic wood has less loss than anti-corrosive wood. Plastic wood can be produced in a size that meets customers' needs, and there is almost no loss, which greatly improves the resource utilization.

2. The surface of the wpc fence panels does not need to be painted or maintained.

The general anti-corrosive wood surface must be painted with paint or water-based paint after the construction is completed or during the construction process. Anti-corrosive wood needs surface maintenance and painting after being used six months or one year, otherwise it is easy to cause problems such as moth-eaten, decay, cracking and deformation.

WPC fence panels' maintenance is almost "zero" cost. In the long run, using plastic wood is the most economical choice.

3. The use of anti-corrosive wood directly consumes forest resources, which is wasted after one-time use with the extremely low use efficiency.

Plastic wood is made by composite processing of polymer materials and wood powder. It is an eco-friendly material that protects forest resources and replaces eco-friendly materials.

4. The service life of plastic wood fences is generally 5-8 times longer than that of the primary processed wood and 4-6 times longer than that of anti-corrosion wood. In addition, foreign data shows that plastic wood materials can be used for 30-50 years.

With the advancement of the era, various materials in the wpc building materials market are also changing with each passing day and are too many for eyes to take in. But in the end, the plastic wood materials are the most durable!

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