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The Wood Plastic Composite Decking is Waterproof

Composite flooring is also a kind of wood flooring. For the wood itself, water must be very harmful to it. But since the laminate floor is used as the floor, water will inevitably be spilled on it. Then can't we use laminate flooring? In fact, many laminate floors are also waterproof. Moreover, normal wood will not be out of shape due to the left water within a certain period of time. That is to say, even if the composite wood-plastic floor is afraid of water, it won't be out of shape in a short time. So, is laminate flooring afraid of water? What should you do if it is soaked in water?

Ⅰ. Is the wood plastic composite decking afraid of water?

Of course, it is not afraid of water. The water absorption rate of the wood itself reaches more than 10%, but after the surface treatment of the wood powder, a polymer film is formed on the surface, and the wood is also tightly covered by the polymer material. The test shows that the water absorption rate of wood plastic composite decking is less than 2%, and it has a waterproof performance to some extent.

Ⅱ. Tips for cleaning and maintaining wood plastic composite decking

1. Laminate flooring is used outdoors, and dust, fallen leaves, or mud often fall on it. For these wastes, we only need to open the high-pressure water gun for flushing. The high density and high water resistance of the wood-plastic floor make it not moldy or out of shape due to water immersion. There are often residues of dirt, fruits, vegetables, and milk on the wood-plastic floor. At this time, soapy water and a plastic brush can be used to remove these specks of dirt.

2. Sometimes, some colored stains on the laminate floor are often hard to remove. At this time, alcohol and acetone can be used to deal with it easily. Of course, bleach or floor cleaner can also be used to remove traces of dirt. If oil stains or other stubborn stains occur, don't worry. At this time, ordinary kitchen detergent can play its role and rinse with clean water after using the detergent. You can easily remove ink stains with hot soapy water, and then thoroughly rinse the floor.

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