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Is WPC Decking Environmentally Friendly?

As an environmentally-friendly outdoor building product, wood-plastic decking not only has an affinity with solid wood decking, but also has outstanding resistance against moisture, insect moths with high strength. It is a new alternative to traditional wood decking.

Wood-plastic decking is conducive to environmental sustainability, mainly reflecting in two aspects:

Eco-friendly materials

In terms of raw materials, wood-plastic decking mainly comprises of recycled plastic and wood powder. Processing agents will be added to the raw materials and after being mixed evenly, they will be extruded through the heated mould. Wood-plastic decking produced by Oakio obtains better stability than wood decking, and is free from toxic substances, dangerous chemicals and preservatives and so forth. Wood-plastic decking can be recycled, reused and biodegradable.

Eco-friendly production and usage

No pollutant will be produced in the process of producing wood-plastic decking, which will not do harm to the environment. In terms of usage, wood-plastic decking has wood-like secondary machinability and can be cut, bonded, or fixed by nails or bolts. The high performance of  wood plastic composite decking weakens the activity of the residual material molecules in the substrate, isolating the residual material from the outside world and reducing the volatilization of harmful substances. Hence, water rather than painting can keep the lasting charms.

At present, with staggering annual consumption of wood and serious resource waste, wood-plastic decking can reduce the use of a large amount of timber, protecting forest resources.

Is WPC Decking Environmentally Friendly?
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