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The Importance of Fire Resistant Decking

With the strengthening of people's safety awareness. In the choice of decoration materials, people not only began to pay attention to the environmental protection of the materials, but also began to pay attention to the fire rating of the materials. In recent years, with the rapid economic development, in production and life, more and more dangerous items are used to cause fires, and the risk of fires has increased correspondingly. The number of fires and the property losses and casualties caused by fires have increased accordingly. The number is showing an upward trend. Therefore, it is necessary to choose decoration materials with a high fire rating. Decking is the ground decoration material used in most rooms. Decking fire protection is a very important issue that is ignored by most people.

1. About the fire-resistant decking

What is fireproof decking? Fireproof decking is a kind of decking made of fiberboard and other materials as the base material, and the surface finishing material is made by flame-retardant treatment. Fire-resistant decking is generally used in public places, and its wear resistance and heat resistance are very good. Fireproof decking is a kind of composite decking with a fireproof function. The base material of fireproof decking is usually fiberboard or plywood. The surface of the substrate is decorated with paint or impregnated paper as the veneer, and the decking can achieve a certain flame-retardant function through special process treatment. Fire-resistant decking can usually reach the B1 flame-retardant standard.

2. The importance of the fire resistant decking

At present, all kinds of wooden deckings are commonly used in the market. The fireproof performance of wooden deckings is obviously not good enough, because after all, logs are used as materials, and the wood is inherently flammable. As the primary paving material, the decking can be found in every corner, and it also plays an important role in the fire. In a fire, more than half of the people use the poisonous gas released by the burning of building materials, and the fire resistant decking can take advantage of its fire resistant and fire resistant characteristics in a fire, and gain one minute of vitality for life. The use of fire-resistant decking has attracted more and more attention.

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