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Iniwood Fencing comprises of 55% oak wood fiber, 35% high density polyethylene and 10% additive, including UV stabilizers, coupling agents and lubricants.

Components with WPC Post

Below are matching components for standard Iniwood fencing with WPC post.

  • With WPC Post
  • Components with Aluminium Post

Environment Friendly

23.2 MPa
(Standard: ASTM D638-14)


Environment Friendly

23.2 MPa
(Standard: ASTM D638-14)


Environment Friendly

23.2 MPa
(Standard: ASTM D638-14)


Environment Friendly

23.2 MPa
(Standard: ASTM D638-14)


Environment Friendly

23.2 MPa
(Standard: ASTM D638-14)


Environment Friendly

23.2 MPa
(Standard: ASTM D638-14)


Aluminum Cap


Aluminum Post


Aluminum Seal


Aluminum base supporter


Aluminum Bracket


Steal Holder


WPC Fence Top Board


WPC Fence Board


Aluminum Bottom Rail

Profile Options

Installing Oakio Fencing with matching accessories is now a quick and painless project done in hours by almost anyone.


Code: IFS-CC

Dimension: 110×110mm

Composite Fence Board

Code: IFS-FB(1900/2500mm)

Dimension: 100×100mm

WPC Seal

Code: IFS-CS(1905mm)

Dimension: 24×17.5mm

Iniwood Color Options

A courtyard with Iniwood fencing can create a polished, high-performance outdoor living space that elevates the overall look of your home.


Normal sanding, normal wood grain, 3D deep embossing are available for Iniwood texture. Our decking incorporates magnificent wood grain textures and mimics the look and feel of exotic hardwoods.

  • 3D Deep Embossing Wood Grain
  • Sanding Surface
  • Embossing Wood Grain

Visualize it

Color Visualizer is a swift, interesting, and free way to see your favorite Oakio composite decking, cladding, fencing and railing products in a “real” outdoor setting.

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Explore Oakio Landscape

Your idea of outdoor living is what Oakio brings to life. Oakio composite decking features all the beauty of timber, without all of the work. It's engineered to never rot splinter, and comes with a 25-year warranty.


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How do I install the WPC fence?

Please refer to our installation guidelines.

Will I get a color difference with my fencing?

Our composite fencing for sale is produced in batches and made from 60% recycled hardwood making this a natural product. For this reason slight color variations may occur (more noticeable when purchasing different lengths of boards or when laying the boards “wide groove up”) We advise purchasing decking boards in the same lengths to avoid initial color difference. Although we will always endeavor to pick all products from the same batch, when orders are added or amended at a later date the boards will likely be from a different batch therefore color variation is likely. Please ensure you order the correct amount of boards on the initial order.

How long does our composite fencing for sale last?

We offer a 15 years warranty on all our extrusion fencing and 25 years on all co extrusion fencing, it is meaning you get peace of mind with your new fencing. We anticipate when looked after well composite fencing will last well in excess of the 10-25 years warranty.

Will Oakio composite fencing fade because of exposure to the sun?

Oakio’s superior technology gives the boards great Ultra Violet resistance. Oakio have tested direct UV on our boards for hundreds of hours with minimal change.

What cleaning products or soap can I use?

Using a standard household washing up liquid will be effective when cleaning Oakio products, do not use any cleaners stronger than this or any cleaners containing a bleaching agent.

How many sets of fence systems cover a 20ft container?

It subjects to the actual profiles you choose, roughly 390 sets of fence systems.

What is the difference between Iniwood fence boards and Proshield fence boards?

Iniwood fence boards are 1st generation of composite decking, the price of Iniwood fence boards is lower than Proshield fence boards but some performances are not as good as Proshield fence boards, like mold-resistant, stain-resistant, and scratch-resistant because it’s without the protective layer. Proshield fence boards are also called co-extrusion fence boards, Oakio creates a layer around the core to protect the fence boards from UV, scratch, and stain. Under multiple trials.

What's the length of Oakio composite fence boards?

Our fence board’s standard length is 1.73m. The length could be customized, but it’s better to consider the container space and weight limit, so we can maximize it and lower the average freight.

Can I paint the fence boards?

Hyperion products are already coloured so they do not require painting. Due to the plastic content within composite products, there is no need for any further treatment. This also makes it easy to clean.

Are the fence system samples available?

Yes. Please contact us if you are interested in our fence systems.

Does your product formaldehyde-free?

Yes, all of our LEED-certified products are formaldehyde-free and lead-free.

Are WPC fencing systems better than wood fencing systems?

Definitely. Wood requires continuous maintenance, and is exposed to and affected by weather and environmental conditions. The high-quality composite fence systems that we offer combine the natural appearance and aesthetic appeal of wood with the durability and resilience of plastic.

What is the lead time for one container of fence systems?

It depends on the texture, quantity. Let’s say a 20GP container composite fence systems, the lead time is 20 days roughly. Actually, the lead time is flexible for large orders and long-term cooperation.

How many colours are available in the fencing system?

The Iniwood collection is available in 9 colours and the Proshield collection is available in 6 colours.

What standards do your composite fence systems meet?

We are proud that our products comply with CE, ISO-9001, ISO-14001, REACH, LEED, and so on. This means that all materials are sourced from responsible producers and that our products are manufactured to the highest possible quality.

Our Other Decking Products

Oakio has two fencing collections, which are Iniwood and Proshield Collections. Both of these two collections and made from 95% recycled materials and come with up to a 25-year warranty.


proshield fencing ru

A courtyard with Proshield fencing can create a polished, high-performance outdoor living space that elevates the overall look of your home.

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