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6 Выдающаяся технология

Первого поколения обладают износостойкой поверхностюб, не боится влажной среды и перепадов температуры.

Второе поколение древесно-пластикового композита (ДПК), изготавливаемого методом совместной экструзии. Эта дополнительная функция гарантирует, что наши доски находятся в идеальном состоянии, когда они прибывают на место.

Elashield - это древесно-пластиковый композит (ДПК) 3-го поколения. Мы единственные в мире, кто производит такую продукцию. Отлично подходит для композитных покрытий бассейнов.

iniwood wpc decking

Iniwood доска

Древесной муки и специальных полимеров

Основным сырьем являются высококачественные твердые древесные волокна (древесина дуба) и полиэтилен высокой плотности. Основное применение - наружные настилы, ограждения, облицовка, перила, пергола и настилная плитка.

Iniwood доска

Преимущества Iniwood

  • устойчивость к истиранию
  • устойчивость к ультрафиолетовым лучам
  • не выгорает и не разрушается 
  • влагостойкость: не разбухают
  • при высыхании профиль не меняет формы
  • 15 лет гаратия

Because Oakio Iniwood products are made with a durable composite that stands up to extreme weather conditions and everyday use. More solid underfoot for added safety.  The composition of Iniwood is 35% of plastic resin, 55% of oak wood fiber, and 10% of the additive.

Iniwood UV inhibitors provide added color retention while minimizing fading. With its excellent moisture and thermal resistance, Iniwood virtually eliminates problems commonly associated with board expansion and contraction.

Choose from a wide range of color options, and profiles to design your customized deck and create your ultimate outdoor space. Now you can have all the beauty of finished hardwood, without the limitations and up-keep of wood decking.

Our WPC outdoor decking is available for nine colors and nine wood grain.

Proshield Technology

The second generation of wood plastic composite (WPC), made by co extrusion.  This value-added feature ensures our boards are in perfect condition when they arrive on-site.

Proshield co extrusion wpc decking

Proshield collection

360 degree capped by golf ball materials

Proshield technology is the most popular technology in the world. It is made by co extrusion, available for outdoor decking, fencing, cladding, railing , pergola and deck tiles.

More about Proshield co extrusion decking

Advantages of Proshield

  • All the advantages of Iniwood and more
  • No stains, fades, mold or mildew
  • Features a variety of unique variegated color and wood grain patterns
  • Increased scratch resistance
  • Ultra durable
  • 25 years residential warranty

Combining the beauty of natural wood with our toughest, most resilient finish, Proshield products are extremely hard-wearing and requires almost no maintenance, making it ideal for premium residential and commercial applications.

The cap is actually the same material of golf ball, the core are Iniwood materials. That is why Proshield is the second generation of Iniwood. More of the co extrusion decking in the market is made by PE for the cap only, which is not as stable as Proshield cap.

Oakio Proshield products are eco-friendly and feature a unique variegated color and wood grain pattern for a natural appearance. Proshield is becoming the main trend of wpc marketing in the world, and Oakio is the most professional manufacturer of wpc materials in China.

Available in twelve colors and six wood grain, all of which feature a stunning deeply embossed wood grain on one side and a light groove on the reverse for maximum versatility.

Elashield Technology

Elashield technology is the 3rd generation of wood plastic composite (WPC).  We are the only in the world who make this type of products. It is excellent for swimming pool decking.


Elashield Collection

360 degree capped soft touching surface

Elashield is known to elastic surface, the 3rd generation of composite decking. This distinctive, contemporary design brings the hardwood look of a home’s inside to the outside. It is perfect for your swimming pool decking! 

More about Elashield composite decking

Advantages of Elashield

  • All the advantages of Iniwood and more
  • Soft surface, slip resistant and optimizes foot touching
  • No stains, fades, mold or mildew
  • A mute deck material - Thick cap protection
  • Anti-static available
  • 25 years residential warranty

We continue to push the boundaries, with technological advances like our Elashield technology, which strengthens the slip resistant and optimizes foot touching for a more comfortable deck. Elashield is designed for your swimming pool decking is luxury composite decking.

Elashield is designed to last a lifetime. The thickness of the cap is up to 2mm! Every board is protected from warping, cupping, and twisting. While normal co extrusion decking in the market is with 0.3-0.5mm thickness in the cap.

Anti-static treatment is available for Elashield decking! An anti-static decking contains a conductive material that accumulates static. They are particularly useful if the decking was installed in the dry area during the winter.

Available in six colors and two wood grain, all of which feature a stunning deeply embossed wood grain on one side and a light groove on the reverse for maximum versatility.

Matshield Technology

Matshield is the brand new technology that brings you matte surface of outdoor decking. What is more it is fire resistant product, which stands out from the crow.

Matshield wpc decking

Matshield collection

360 degree capped matte surface and fire resistant

Advanced co-extrusion technology with a highly engineered protective 360 degree outer armour. Designed with Premium Performance and Looks in mind. Available for outdoor decking and cladding.

More Matshield wpc decking

Advantages of Matshield

  • All the advantages of Iniwood and more
  • Matte surface with luxury hard wood appearance
  • Fire resistant to Class B according to Europe standard
  • Ultra scratch resistant
  • No stains, fades, mold or mildew
  • 25 years residential warranty

It features our most beautiful matte surface ever and is designed to achieve the most natural wood look on the market. Matshield produced via a co-extrusion process where a 360 degree outer armour is used to protect the core of the deck from the elements.

As a result, Matshield achieves superior fire resistance to any other co-extruded decking on the market. It is fire resistant to Class B according to En13501, the highest fire resistant level for composite materials in the world at the moment. The standard includes seven classification levels, from A1 to F, with A1 representing the highest level of performance and F representing the lowest level.  Matshield achieves Class B. It is colour fade resistant, strength load resistant, stain resistant and also highly slip resistant.

The fire resistant composite decking is available in 6 colors to suit all tastes, all of which feature a stunning deeply embossed wood grain on one side and a light groove on the reverse for maximum versatility.


Armstrong Technology

Armstrong technology is designed to our pergola products mainly. As it is ultra durable and strong in structure. With the similar technique with Iniwood but putting more fiber glass reinforcement. 

Armstrong wpc pergola

Armstrong collection

Designed for pergola and built to last

Compared with other wpc materials on the market, Armstrong was reinforced by glass fiber, making it ultra durable and structure stable. The main application of Armstrong is pergola, as it is excellent in structure building.  

More about Armstrong pergola

Advantages of Armstrong

  • All the advantages of Iniwood and more
  • 2 times of bending strength and impact resistant of Iniwood products
  • Ultra low expansion and contraction rate- one half of Iniwood
  • Distortion temperature up to 110 ℃
  • Ultra low water absorption

Armstrong products have a unique formula that provides the very best of both worlds, a long lasting material that is strong, durable and weathers extremely well. It is striking yet have traditional appearance, require little maintenance and will not splinter. The material is UV stabilized and above all eco-friendly with an 95% recycled material content.

The main product is Pergola, Armstrong Pergola structures provide shade, protection from the elements, and a place for outdoor entertainment.

Most of the physical properties are 100% increased, so it is a perfect wpc materials for structure application. 

It is available in 3 colors to suit all tastes, all of which feature a stunning sanding finish on four sides.

Adamshield Technology

Adamshield utilize the registered unique technology for surface treatment and wearing layer reinforcement. The technology was designed to our SPC flooring.

Adamshield SPC flooring

Adonamshield collection

More durable and Biotech-Clean

Adamshield technology that combines a superior annealing process in the manufacturing process with enhanced nanosized particles called ORP (Oakio Reinforced Particles) incorporated into the surface layer.

More about Adamshield SPC Flooring

Advantages of Adamshield

  • 50% more durable than normal SPC flooring
  • Higher resistance to scratch and scuff
  • Biotech-Clean brings extreme good resistance to bacterial
  • Luxury real wood surface
  • Complete safe and environmental friendly

Adamshield is patent protected. All the designs are inspired by customers' requirement. 

We used best plasticizer of DOTP and 100% virgin material. There is no TVOC, no toxin and EO. 

It is water proof, fire resistant and anti microbial. The rate of expansion and shrink is less than 0.08% in 80℃ for 6 hours. So it can be installed in a big area without T-mould.

Compression resistant Static load less than 0.05mm, which is half of normal PVC floor. Easy to install with glue-less click system. We did a lot of test on Adamshield: Abrasion test, Anti-Bacterial, Castro Chair test, color fastness test, VOC test, phthalates(17 items) test......

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