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How Much Does Deck Replacement Cost? [2024]

Wooden decks, known for their natural beauty, are also susceptible to damage from sun exposure and inclement weather, leading to decomposition, fading, and cracking, which makes deck replacement costs inevitable. To maintain the aesthetic and structural integrity of wooden decks, regular annual maintenance is essential, with a comprehensive renovation typically required every 10 – 15 years.

General Costs of Deck Replacement

For current or prospective wooden deck owners, understanding the deck replacement costs approximately a decade in advance is crucial. Depending on the deck’s size, chosen materials, and geographical location, the cost of deck replacement generally ranges from $860 to $3,348.

While this expense is significant, investing in a new deck not only enhances the functional value of a home but also adds a pleasant recreational space. For deck replacement, consider using low-maintenance materials such as Oakio Proshield WPC Decking. This material can significantly reduce subsequent maintenance costs and ensure that you won’t face the hassle of replacing your deck for the next 25 years, allowing you to enjoy worry-free outdoor living.

Material Costs of Deck Replacement

If only replacing the deck surface, the cost of new deck ranges from $2.13 per square foot (pressure-treated wood) to $22.50 per square foot (hardwood), with many types of wood and composite materials available in between.

The cost and quality of deck materials vary, and your choice of decking type will significantly impact your deck replacement cost. Pressure-treated pine is the most affordable decking material on the market, but its long-term maintenance costs can add up, and it is not as durable as hardwoods like Ipe, which can cost up to $22.50 per square foot.

Synthetic materials, including composites and PVC, offer a variety of product ranges with differing costs and features, such as Oakio Proshield WPC Decking. On average, synthetic decking costs between $8.25 and $9.48 per square foot, but you can save thousands in maintenance costs over the deck’s lifetime.

Here is an table of the most popular deck replacement material on the market:

Deck Board MaterialsAverage Cost Per Square Foot
Pressure-treated lumber$2.13

Labor Cost of Deck Replacement

If you hire professionals to help you replace deck, labor costs typically range from $8 to $22 per square foot. Although the labor cost is an additional expense, working with professionals ensures the deck is replaced correctly. And they can help you address related issues when replacing deck.

If your deck needs more than just surface replacement, include these additional costs in your construction budget.

WPC decking keel

Other Factors Affecting Deck Replacement Costs

Apart from material and labor costs, other factors will influence your deck replacement costs. Therefore, it is necessary to consider these potential factors when planning your budget:

– Deck size

– Deck shape

– Deck design (elevated, wraparound)

– Material type

– Material quality

– Geographical location (city, state)

– Property location (attached to the house, on a slope)

– Labor

– Permits

– Site maintenance

Simpler designs (e.g., a rectangular deck made from pressure-treated pine) are the most affordable upfront, but higher-quality manufactured deck boards and railings can reduce long-term maintenance and repair costs.

More complex projects, such as elevated decks or large multi-tier structures with stairs, will also increase the cost of deck replacement. Therefore, if you know your deck is a high-end construction, factor that into your cost estimate.

Before undertaking a project, consult a professional contractor for an accurate quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is It Cheaper to Repair or Replace Deck?
Repairing an existing deck is usually cheaper than replacing the entire structure. Especially if you replace the boards with weather-resistant composite decking, it will significantly lower your lifetime maintenance costs. This extends the deck’s lifespan and avoids future repair costs.

      2. How to Choose a Contractor to Replace My Deck?
      Try to contact several contractors to discuss your goals and get some project quotes. Understand each contractor’s expertise to determine who is the best fit for your project.

        Excellent contractors are everywhere, and here are some signs you’ve found the right one for your project:

        • Positive reviews
        • Good local reputation
        • Good communication
        • Familiarity with deck design
        • Familiarity with your chosen deck materials

        3. Can I Replace Wooden Deck with Composite Deck?
        Yes, you can replace old wooden deck boards with composite or PVC boards, ensuring you won’t need to replace the deck again for 25 years or more.

          Just ensure your substructure is in good condition and that the joists are properly spaced according to the decking manufacturer’s guidelines. Oakio composite WPC decking is designed for installation on joists spaced 300mm to 400mm (approximately 12 to 16 inches) on center. The exact spacing depends on whether the decking is solid or hollow and its shape, such as square or circular.

          Estimating deck replacement costs can be tricky due to several factors, such as the type of materials used, the deck’s size, and labor costs.

          If you are tired of replacing a wooden deck every 10 years, it is now a good time to upgrade to durable composite decking. Explore composite decking that guarantees a lifespan of up to 25 years or even a lifetime.

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