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American Technology Made in China

Oakio has introduced the most advanced WPC production technology from the United States. The combination of American technology and Chinese manufacturing makes Oakio products outstanding, safe and reliable.

Oakio’s Perfect Formula

Oakio WPC products are mainly made of 55% oak fiber, 35% high-density polyethylene and 10% additives. Oakio is the first WPC manufacturer in China to use oak fiber as a raw material.

Co-extrusion Composite Technology

Oakio has developed a new generation product with golf ball materials as cap in 2012.

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To further enhance the traditional composite collection, Oakio has developed a new generation product with co-extrusion technology after two years of research and experimentation. The co-extrusion products are produced by 2 extruders simultaneously, one is for the core, another is for the cap. Under the cap protection, the composite products have better performance than Gen 1 composite products.

Oakio research and development group adopt the golf ball material as the co-extrusion layer to make the products have great performance in UV resistance and are waterproof. Comparing with traditional uncapped composite products, co-extrusion products look more natural and closer to real wood.

  • All the advantages of Iniwood and more
  • No stains, fades, mold or mildew
  • Features a variety of unique variegated color and wood grain patterns
  • Increased scratch resistance
  • Ultra durable
  • 25 year residential warranty

Elashield Technology

Oakio's technology is the world's first technology to enhance products with elastic fabrics.

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Elashield technology is the third generation of Oakio composite product on the market, and Oakio is the first manufacturer in China that makes this type of decking. This is unique and special as it’s hard to find it from other brands on the market so far. Elashield products are excellent for swimming pool with its elastic surface. You don’t have the concern about the splinter to do harm the foot, which is totally bare-foot friendly.

Armstrong Technology

Armstrong was reinforced by glass fiber, making it ultra-durable and structurally stable.

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Armstrong products have a unique formula that provides the very best of both worlds, a long-lasting material that is strong, durable and weathers extremely well. It is striking yet has a traditional appearance, requires little maintenance, and will not splinter. The material is UV stabilized and above all eco-friendly with a 95% recycled material content.

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