Oakio vs Competitors

High strength and durable

All materials we use are recyclable and harmless, high quality materials and advanced technology make composite products become the alternative to wood. As composite decking arrives as a wooden look product but no cracking, no splintering and no rotting. You don’t have to pay the extra cost for regular maintenance. Besides, the durability of composite decking up to 25 years.

High maintenance and crack easily

Wood needs to be finished after installation and then refinished every 1-2 years, meaning you’ll be spending a significant amount of time and elbow grease maintaining that deck. Except for the regular and careful maintenance, the wood products are easy to go mouldy and weaker in strength.

HDPE Plastic

Oakio composite decking is manufactured with HDPE (High-density polyethylene), which is a kind of common plastic but has better performance in wearing resistance, thermostability and strength than other plastic. Since the feature of high-density, oakio composite decking does well in waterproof as well, which is the better option for outdoor.

PVC Plastic

Most of WPC manufacturers choose PVC plastic as the raw material since the cost will be lower. However, the main contents are virgin plastic, which is less environmental than WPC. Though PVC decking is much lighter than wpc, the density is lower as well, that is to say, PVC decking is not good in waterproof, and is easy to swell. Besides, chalking, expansion and contraction are common issue because of the PVC material itself. Compared with HDPE products, it’s better for indoor decoration as the colour are rich and suitable for some irregular profile.

Oakio vs Other Manufactures

Various brands for your choice when you search for composite products. Oakio stands out from the competition for the following reasons.

Items Oakio Trex Timbertech Millboard Modwood Megawood
Hard Wood Fiber
Dual Textures
Low maintenance
Dual Colours
Elastic Decking
UV resistance
Termite Resistance
Anti-Static Decking
Price $$ $$$ $$$ $$$$ $$ $$$
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