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How to Prevent the Composite Decking from Cracking and Deforming?

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Composite decking, also known as wood-plastic composite board, is made of wood-based materials, thermoplastic polymer materials and processing aids. This new type of high-tech green and environment-friendly decorative material is a new type of composite material made by mixing wood and plastic evenly and extruding them through die equipment.

In recent years, with the popularity of composite materials, composite decking has been known and used by more and more people. With its properties of waterproof and flame retardant, insect and corrosion resistance, it has gradually begun to replace most traditional building materials. However, in actual use, we find some problems such as warping and deformation when composite decking has been used outdoors for some time.

Why do common composite decking deformMany manufacturers advertise that their composite decking will not deform, but the truth is not so after a period of outdoor using. There are three reasons accounting for it: 

1. Mercenary manufacturers want to get a piece of the hot composite decking market; Without mature technology, many composite decking manufacturers use inferior raw materials and cut corners. The floor produced is bad in quality. In the process of using,  for this kind of floor, not only will there be problems such as cracking and deformation, but also many other problems will arise. Then consumers will lose confidence in composite decking.

2. Due to varied plastic components and different manufacturing techniques of plastic wood materials, some composite decking can only be used indoors. Under the condition of constant temperature indoors, such floor decorations look very beautiful. However, many manufacturers, driven by interests, excessively publicize their own floors–extremely irresponsible, they use composite decking that can only be used indoors outdoors. Under the circumstances of large changes in outdoor temperature and heavy pedestrian traffic, deformation and damage will come soon.

3. The composite decking will absorb water and expand when it comes into contact with water in rainy days. In sunny days, the water will diffuse, causing the composite decking to relax and the gap to become larger. In the cold season, the floor shrinks, the gap becomes larger, and the pick piece is forced inward. In the hot season, the floor expands and swells, the gap between the floors becomes smaller, the fasteners are stressed outwards, and for a long time, the composite decking will crack and deform under uneven stress.

For many users, in the process of indoor flooring, they hope to save costs and choose boards with assured quality. Such boards can be more stable after installation and provide more comfortable experience for people’s life. However, in the past, boards chosen by people could not achieve good application effect after installation. This is because the traditional wood floor needs to be waterproof during use. If the surrounding environment is too wet, it will have a great impact on the board.

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