What Is Composite Cladding And How Does It Work?

Have you ever seen a house with premium-looking aesthetics? Chances are, you’ve looked through a composite cladding system. Cladding works as a protective layer to the exterior of your home, but it also functions as a decoration that adds to your home’s aesthetic.

Most houses don’t use cladding when their exterior is made of concrete, but more and more homeowners today are adding composite wall cladding systems because they work well, they last a long time, and they look good.

In this article, let’s delve into the nuances of composite cladding and discuss how they work, their benefits, and how you can use them to prolong and beautify your property. Read on! 

What Is WPC Wall Cladding?

A composite cladding system covering the upper part of an American-style home

WPC wall cladding, more commonly known as composite cladding, is a cladding system made from a combination of wood fibers, recycled plastics, and polymers as binding agents. They are also called WPC wall panels or just WPC panels.

So, what is WPC? WPC stands for wood-plastic composites. This innovative cladding system is stronger and more durable than traditional cladding materials, such as wood and metal cladding. Comparatively, they don’t need regular treatment and maintenance like wood and metal. 

Our WPC wall cladding products here at Oakio use a mixture of recycled plastics, recycled wood fibers, and strong polymers that you can rely on to protect your precious exterior walls and facade!

What Is WPC Wall Cladding Made Of? 

A WPC wall panel is made of plastics, wood, and polymers. However, the actual material composition of a single WPC panel differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. For example, some manufacturers might use 60% plastic, 30% wood, and 10% additives.

But here at Oakio, our panels are 55% recycled oak wood fiber, 35% plastic resin, and 10% additives, including polymers, to strengthen and weatherproof our panels better.

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Functions Of WPC Wall Cladding

A WPC wall cladding has numerous purposes—not just for aesthetics and exterior design. Let’s explore its varying functions below:

  1. Protection: WPC cladding protects the internal structure of your exterior space. If you have wooden exterior walls, cladding may help protect them against rain, snow, dust, and extreme sunlight. 
  2. Aesthetics: Adding cladding panels to your exterior can make it more beautiful than bare. Composite exterior cladding panels are also available in different textures and colors, making it a good choice for property beautification. 
  3. Sound Insulation: The extra thickness of a cladding panel provides an additional layer of sound insulation for your walls. This is advantageous if you live near a busy road or a freeway. 
  4. Fire-Resistance: If you have wooden exterior walls not treated with fire-retardant chemicals, a WPC cladding can help protect your inner exterior against combustion with a degree of fire-resistance. 

Is WPC Wall Cladding Better Than Traditional Wood Materials?

Yes, WPC panels are better than traditional wood cladding for numerous reasons. First, a WPC panel is weather-proof and can resist prolonged exposure to rain, snow, dust, and extreme sunlight.

Wood cladding, conversely, needs to be coated with specialized chemicals to resist elements, requiring lengthy and meticulous maintenance runs. WPC panels must only be cleaned regularly to keep their pristine look and condition.

Fire protection-wise, WPCs are naturally fire-resistant compared to natural wood—thanks to their hybrid construction. In contrast, raw wood, depending on the lumber type, is commonly combustion-prone. 

Why Should You Have Composite Cladding?

If you want to add cladding to your property to protect, decorate, or increase its value, you should choose composite cladding compared to traditional wood and plain PVC cladding.

Here are several reasons why you should have composite cladding:

  • It’s more durable and long-lasting than its traditional counterparts (wood, metal, PVC). 
  • Composite cladding is resistant to extreme humidity and moisture, giving your property the appropriate protection when you live in a high-humidity location. 
  • You don’t like doing meticulous and time-consuming regular maintenance runs. Composites can remain pristine-looking for years with low maintenance. 

If these all look good to you and you want to know what a WPC cladding panel looks and feels like, we offer free samples delivered to your doorstep!

You can also visualize your property with composite cladding if you’re considering a renovation or an exterior overhaul! And if you’re considering the costs, our cladding calculator can help give you a price range depending on your preferred specifications.

Benefits of Composite Cladding

Composites offer many benefits, most of which are non-existent for traditional competitors such as wood, metal, and PVC. Here are some of them: 


Composite wall cladding systems are more durable than their competitors, thanks to their hybrid construction combining three different materials that can withstand prolonged exposure to moisture, sunlight, dust, and fungi.

On average, you can expect at least two and a half decades of lifespan from a composite cladding system, and possibly even more with proper maintenance. 


WPC panels are naturally fire-resistant, with the plastic and polymer materials acting as a fire retardant component to prevent the wood from combusting.

Compared to traditional wood, a composite panel can take much more beating from fire, but this doesn’t mean a composite is entirely fireproof.  


Thanks to its low porosity composition, composites are mold and fungi-repellent. As fungi and mold feast on moisture-heavy materials, they are practically homeless against a WPC panel.

Ramp it up with the presence of plastic and polymers; mold and fungi won’t find a suitable surface to stick themselves into.

Easy To Install

Just like sticking Lego pieces together, installing composite cladding is a breeze. Though some panels might be taller or wider than you, rest assured that they’re lightweight and easy to assemble. 

But we suggest installing them with an extra pair of hands to ease and quicken the installation process. 


The extra thickness of a WPC panel can provide a degree of sound insulation for your home. This is advantageous if you live near a busy street or a noisy neighborhood.

Though the degree of sound insulation is minor, rest assured that it can still reduce external noise from reaching your indoor space. 


Composites don’t need a “more-than-regular” maintenance. Since the components of a panel are made with strong wood fibers, plastic, and polymers—they can resist dirt, dust, and stains effectively.

Our ProShield offering is exceptionally stain-resistant; it’s nearly maintenance-free. We also offer a maximum 25-year warranty, a testament to our products’ low-maintenance guarantee!


At Oakio, we’re committed to product and manufacturing sustainability. Our products are made from 100% recycled wood fibers and plastic components.

We also use internationally-certified sustainable production processes, such as a closed-loop water system, to reduce water usage for every product made! 

Modern Style

Composites are not just about durability and low maintenance; it’s also about style and aesthetics. At Oakio, we offer two cladding products: Iniwood and ProShield.

In our Iniwood offering, you can have six different texture options and nine color options, giving you versatility on what to choose!

As for our ProShield, our state-of-the-art and top-of-the-line cladding, you can have two texture options and 12 color options. You can visualize them through our specialized tool

Elevate Your Home with WPC Wall Panels and Composite Cladding

All in all, composite cladding is a game-changing product to make your home long-lasting, beautiful, and valuable. With WPC wall panels, you can rest assured your property is aesthetic, efficient, and easy to maintain!

Oakio, a leading WPC manufacturing company, produces two of the finest wall cladding products in the industry—a testament to our company’s expertise, experience, and customer satisfaction.

If you’re looking for a sign, this is the time to go composite! Visit our product offerings and find out your composite needs today!

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