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Is Composite Decking Pet Friendly?

Got a furry friend? If you do, we know that you know creating pet-friendly outdoor spaces on your property is a great way to show your friend some love and tender loving care; after all, they give you love and companionship like no other. 

A black and brown-colored dog resting on a wooden deck

A pet-friendly outdoor space features deck gates for pets, pet-safe landscaping and gardening, and designated “paw” areas where your cat or dog can play without hesitation. Adding other amenities like cat- and dog-friendly patios can also enhance your outdoor space simultaneously. 

Before you are thinking of installing decking, you might have concerns about whether it’s pet-friendly. Decks, especially wooden ones, have a history of animosity towards pets. But how about composite ones? Let’s discuss it below!  

Benefits Of Composite Decking

A living room with composite decking materials

Before we discuss whether composite decks are pet-friendly, let’s first talk about the benefits of a composite deck and how it can benefit not just you but also your beloved pets:  

Durability and Low Maintenance 

Composite decking has been a popular choice in modern homes in recent years, and it has since displayed exceptional durability against different factors, such as moisture, sunrays, dirt, and even mildew. This makes it long-lasting and does not require intensive maintenance.

Unlike traditional untreated wood decks, composite decks are also resistant to rotting, warping, and termite damage. Some even have fire resistance ratings, such as our Matshield product. And some even need almost no maintenance, such as with our Proshield product. 

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Stain and Fade Resistance

One of the most sought-after benefits of composite is its innate resistance to stains and fading. In contrast, traditional wood decks can easily get stained and fade within months.

Although staining and fading can occur even with composites, they are minimal and can easily be removed with standard non-acidic cleaners and sometimes even just water and a soft brush. 

Easy Cleaning 

Composites are notoriously easy to clean and maintain. Unlike traditional wooden decks, which require several intricate maintenance steps, you can clean a composite deck within minutes and call it a day after you’re done. 

Specifically, our Proshield and Matshield composite decks are engineered so that you can just hose them down with soapy water, and the maintenance process is virtually done. This ease of maintenance is good for pet owners who need to clean up after their pets in case of accidents. 

Aesthetic Appeal

Let’s be honest: All deck owners want an aesthetic deck. Composite decks offer a wide variety of design options and colors, allowing homeowners and pet owners like you to customize the perfect aesthetic for your outdoor space. 

Our Proshield and Matshield products are available in different colors and textures, giving you design flexibility should you want to further customize your decking project in the near future! 

Pet-Friendly Features

Composite products are great choices for pet owners looking to make their outdoor space pet-friendly. First, the material’s durability ensures the deck remains unscathed from the wear and tear of active and playful pets. 

Second, the stain and fade resistance will ensure the deck remains aesthetic and looks like new even with your pets’ frequent usage, not to mention the ease of cleaning should you need to clean up after your pet. 

Is Composite Decking Safe For Pets?

An orange cat squints its eyes as it sits on a large wooden deck

Yes, composite decking is safe for your pets. Here are several reasons why:


Composites are splinter-free, thanks to their unique construction that maintains a smooth and even surface. This ensures your pet’s paws are safe and sound, and can play and zoom around without worrying about paw injury. 


Some dogs and puppies are natural diggers; in cats, scratching is a way to sharpen their nails. Whether you have a cat, kitten, dog, or puppy, your deck is destined to be scratched either way—but with scratch-resistant composite decking, that’s practically a rare occurrence. 

Safe to Ingest

Dogs, especially puppies, are keen to bite and chew on almost everything they see—a composite deck is no exception. Some deck types, especially PVC and treated wood ones, might contain traces of harmful chemicals that can pose a risk to you and your pets. 

Fortunately, composites do not contain such chemicals, ensuring accidental ingestion poses minimal risk to your furry friend. 

Cool Surface 

Composite decks tend to remain cooler than traditional wood decks under direct sunlight, which is a good feature for pets, particularly dogs with heat-sensitive paws. Some dogs burn their paws when the ground is too hot, but not with composites. 

Comfortable on Paws 

Have you ever walked on an unmaintained wooden deck without your shoes or flip-flops on? If you have, we can assume you already know how uncomfortable that was. The same is true for your pets, who don’t wear shoes or flip-flops.

But as composites have a smooth and consistent texture, you can rest assured that your pet’s paws are comfortable all year round. 

Sturdy and Durable

Durability and sturdiness are the name of the game for composite decking. Unlike wood which can rot and warp over time, composite materials remain virtually untouched for years by moisture, mold, mildew, dirt, or even insects, making it the best material for a deck. 

This ensures a stable and safe place for your pets to play and rest, reducing the likelihood of accidents for you and your pet. 

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Pets are messy, and a huge part of a pet owner’s life is to clean up after their pets. Thankfully, composites don’t attract too much dirt, making cleaning and maintenance a breeze that you can enjoy. 

How To Create A Pet-Friendly Space On Your Deck 

If you’re planning to add pet-friendly features to your deck, here are two steps we recommend doing first: 

Choose the Right Material for Your Deck 

Creating a pet-friendly space means choosing the best material there is. For some homeowners and pet owners, the best deck materials for dogs and cats can resist scratching. For others, it can be a metal one to prevent chewing.

But if you want an all-around solution, a composite would be ideal. It is splinter-free, scratch-resistant, easy to clean, and has a cooler profile, which can benefit your pets the most. 

Provide A Shade Like A Roof Or Pergola

Most cats and dogs like basking in the sunshine, but there are days when the morning sun is just too much. If it’s too hot for you, imagine how hot it would be for a creature with fur all around its body.

To avoid heat-related problems, we suggest adding shade to your deck. It can be as simple as a roof, but if you want to add a touch of elegance and aesthetics, consider adding retractable pergolas or sun sails. 

Additional Considerations

Here are other tips and considerations you should take into account: 

Choose A Capped Composite

Choosing a capped composite is a great way to protect your investment and prolong the overall lifespan of your deck. A capped composite is a type of decking material that offers a protective cap on all sides of the panel to enhance protection.

Fortunately, our Proshield and Matshield offerings are capped and protected. 

Regularly Clean and Maintain Your Composite Deck 

Though you don’t need to clean and maintain your composite deck as much as a non-composite deck, we still suggest doing so to keep your deck’s pristine look and feel, especially since you have pets that can be messy at times. 

Routinely Trim Your Pet’s Nails 

Although composite decks are scratch-resistant, trimming your pet’s nails does wonders, as anything too sharp can still damage your deck. Keeping your pet’s nails short also protects them from slipping on the surface. 

Build A Pet-Friendly Deck With Oakio Today! 

Oakio’s Decking Calculator Tool

Creating a pet-friendly deck with the best composite decking material here at Oakio is possible! With features such as scratch resistance, durability, ease of cleaning, and stain resistance, our range of products is perfect for pet owners looking to build a pet-friendly composite deck!

You can use our product visualizer tool to see how our products would look in your outdoor space, and feel free to use our decking calculator as well to estimate project costs.

As a leading innovator in the composite wood industry, Oakio is committed to providing high-quality, pet-friendly decking solutions. Check out our decking products today!

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