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Analysis of Plastic Wood Pet House Market

It is reported that in the United States, 62% of households from presidents to ordinary citizens have pet dogs. Paris, with a population of 2 million, has 500,000 dogs. Half of the households in Japan have at least one pet are currently about 7 million. Cats and 10 million dogs. In Germany, in order to cultivate children's love from an early age, almost every parent has to keep a pet. In metropolis in China, keeping pets is becoming more common.

Statistics show that the proportion of households raising pets in cities in China is currently 10%, and the number of pets is as high as 250 million, of which cats and dogs account for the majority. The enthusiasm for pet raising reflects the pet market, a sunrise industry worth billions of dollars.

In recent years, more and more plastic wood manufacturers have been investigating this field, and capital has also been focused on pet consumption. Therefore, the plastic-wood mobile pet house market has emerged accordingly.

As a new type of environmental protection material, the plastic-wood composite material has good physical and mechanical quality. It is not easy to deform and waterproof. It has good protection against moth, fungus, acid, alkali and corrosion. It is non-toxic and non-polluting with non-radiation. It can be sawed, planed, nailed, and can be produced in various sizes and specifications and assembled according to specific needs. Partial damage of the product can be repaired and rebuilt.

Plastic-wood pet houses can be placed indoors and outdoors and used as pet houses such as dog houses, birdhouses, and cat houses. In recent years, the export proportion of pet-plastic-wood houses has been increasing to meet domestic and foreign markets' needs. In particular, with the development of Chinese pet market, mobile pet house will also be in the ascendant.

Plastic-wood pet house reflects characteristics of plastic-wood material such as protection against water, moisture, insect and flame. It will not crack, expand and deform. It is almost maintenance-free. The colors are various with natural wood and wood texture. It can be customized according to the customer's personality. The mobile pet house uses less materials and has a short production period. The market is promising.

plastic wood pet house
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