Home Renovation Trends In 2024 For DIY Home Renovators

When we think about renovation, what comes to mind is building your dream kitchen, your ideal bathroom, or your picturesque bedroom. But as time passes by, let’s be honest, we become so accustomed to our home that we want another renovation soon.

Magnified by the fact that modern construction and interior design paved the way for the birth of home renovation trends, the need and demand for renovation works for homeowners this 2024 is inarguably high.

In this article, we’ll explore the reasons why homeowners consider renovation, and share with you the top home renovation trends worth swooning over for this year even if you’re not a home renovator. Let’s get right into it!  

An under-renovation house with a ladder leaning against the wall

Why Do Homeowners Renovate Their Homes?

A guy paints over a wall as part of a home renovation project

Apart from just “wanting it”, there are many reasons why a homeowner like their properties renovated. For instance, if you’re a homeowner who’s planning to sell your property soon, renovating it can be a good way to increase potential property value.

Apart from selling, renovation increases the comfort of your home. If your home is poorly insulated, renovating it can improve your comfort levels exponentially. Functionality is also the primary goal when homeowners upgrade the worn-out features of their homes.

According to research conducted by the US National Association of Realtors, 35% of homeowners renovate to enjoy the comfort of their homes, 21% upgrade old and worn-out features, and a whopping 46% customize and personalize their homes.

If you fit the demographics of the study, you don’t want to miss out on the best home renovation trends of 2024! 

10 Home Renovation Trends for 2024

If you want custom home renovations that will fit your taste and your property’s interior design needs, feel free to follow these up-to-date home renovation trends that will make your property’s beauty pop. 

Sustainable And Eco-Friendly Design 

Climate change and global warming are real, and that’s why many people and homeowners are steadily switching to sustainable and eco-friendly options by implementing and using sustainable materials for their projects.

The National Association of Home Builders reports that a staggering 83% of home renovators and homebuilders today utilize energy-efficient materials like bamboo, recycled glass and plastics, and even reclaimed wood.

Apart from that, many homeowners today upgrade their home features to include solar energy systems, rainwater collection systems, and even mini-gardens to promote food sustainability and air quality. 

Smart Home Integrations

Do you have a voice assistant in your home? Though smart home integrations have been around for years, these systems are still gaining steady traction thanks to homeowners looking for a more laid-back and convenient lifestyle.

Apart from voice assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple’s Home Assistant, integrations can also include smartphone-controllable thermostats, smart door locks with fingerprint, RFID, and pin capabilities, and even automated lights.

Some integrations even allow you to open your garage door with a tap on your phone or with just a short voice command—these systems improve and enhance your convenience to the next level. 

Multi-Purpose Living Spaces

Let’s be honest, properties are steadily getting pricier and pricier as years go by. Unfortunately, the more properties increase in price, the more the actual floor space decreases. Fortunately, people are adaptive and innovative, giving birth to multi-purpose spaces.

Since most apartments and spaces are conventionally smaller than suburb-type homes, versatility and flexibility in terms of space usage are a priority for homeowners. To properly utilize the space means using every way possible.

Examples include the creation of open-concept floor layouts, the usage of sliding doors to reduce the space that’s needed for doorways, and convertible furniture. 

Outdoor Living Rooms

If you’re an outdoor type of person, you might be a homeowner who’d appreciate a calming and relaxing living room outside your home. Patios and decks are the two primary features that come to mind, but even a mini-garden with a few tables and chairs will do wonders. 

At Oakio, we offer decking solutions, such as our top-of-the-line Proshield decking which combines durability and aesthetics in one, full package. But if you want a patio instead, you may be interested in adding a pergola.

Fortunately, we also have a pergola kit that’s made from durable but aesthetic WPC (wood plastic composite) material. You can check our products out by navigating to our website’s product tab, and feel free to test our product visualizer tool to see how your property would look like with our products.

Small Porches And Decks 

Homeowners for the year 2024 are slowly turning towards small porches and decks as their primary renovation bucket list goal—and for good reason. Since highly urbanized areas lack outdoor space, small porches, and decks can be a great way to maximize that limited space.

All small porches and decks only need a couple of things to make them stand out and allure you with their relaxing and enchanting aura: a well-thought creative design, your most preferred furniture, and your color and texture options

Bold Elements And Pops Of Color

Have you ever wondered why after the pandemic, most Instagrammable houses were donned with oddly-familiar Nordic themes? The answer is the rise of homeowners who want to use vibrant colors and bold elements in their houses.

According to a survey conducted by Sherwin-Williams, a leading paint company in the US, 62% of homeowners are brave enough to include and integrate bold themes. Prime examples include accented walls, picturesque artwork, and peppy upholstery that make their renovated homes pop with vibrance.

These themes can be actually connected to the homeowners’ personalities in the same manner as their fashion and hairstyle choices. 

Textures Take Center Stage 

As we mentioned, Nordic or Scandinavian themes are taking center stage nowadays, and how is “Nordic” architecture portrayed? Through texture play. Nordic architecture actually plays around with natural wood finishes (commonly in the lighter tone), plush furniture, and wallpapers to add complexity and aesthetics all in one.

But apart from Nordic interior design, texture-centric minimalistic architecture, and brutalist architecture styles are being revived today—thanks to their timeless and luxurious appeal that plays an important role in creating appealing and inviting environments. 

Bringing The Spa At Home 

As most of us want our homes to be a place of relaxation, homeowners nowadays bring the spa into their homes—and this has been an increasing trend since last year and up until this year, though no one knows how long this trend will last.

Features of this trend include the construction of multi-point showers, bathtubs with integration systems, heated floors, indoor jacuzzis, and even small steam rooms. While these may seem pricey at first look, this is meant to emulate how a spa looks and feels.

And of course, bringing the spa into your home has health benefits: it promotes relaxation, rejuvenation, and a good overall state of mind. 

Custom-Built Storage Solutions

Custom-built storage spaces are in demand this year and for several years to come, thanks to the lessons we’re forced to learn from the pandemic—the need to store and keep things as efficiently as possible, with a certain flair of aesthetics. 

Let’s be honest. Custom-built storage spaces are pretty nifty and appealing, especially when you’re embracing your adult life where only home-related stuff can amuse you. Homeowners are also in dire need of ample space in their houses, which gave birth to custom storage spaces. 

Vintage Revival 

As we shared earlier, the trends for this year and the years moving forward have roots in reviving old architectural and interior design concepts. 

Most homeowners want to embrace the nostalgia of the good old times, and some may even say “the older, the better” when it comes to interior design.

For instance, vintage furniture and memorabilia are becoming prevalent, as well as architectural elements such as texture-heavy themes, vibrant or monotonous colors, and even making a hybrid theme out of the modern and the old. 

Start Your Home Improvement Journey with Oakio Today!

All in all, these trends are not always fit for your preferences, but these can be useful if you’re just starting in your renovation journey. As a starting point, we recommend creating a step-by-step home renovation checklist so you can effectively manage your budget and your time.

But whether you consider one, two, or even three of the ten home renovation trends we’ve shared, from porches, decks, fencing, screening, and patios with pergolas, we’ve got you covered here at Oakio!

As the leading innovator for WPC products aimed at building your outdoor oasis, we combine our multi-year technical expertise with our sustainable and eco-friendly practices to deliver you the best quality products as physically possible!

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or want to work with a contractor, our products will surely transform your home from the inside out. Contact us today!

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