What Is A WPC Wall Panel? Everything You Need To Know

Ever wondered what a WPC wall panel is? If you’ve recently visited a property with these panels installed, you may have asked yourself why they use these materials. Are there any profound benefits, or are these all for aesthetics?

WPC wall panels

In this guide, we’ll learn about WPC wall panels and dissect their innovative features, game-changing design, and sustainability and eco-friendliness. We’ll also share with you why WPCs are the future of outdoor space construction.

Whether you’re a certified DIYer who wants to know more, a simple homeowner looking to upgrade your outdoor space, or if you’re a contractor looking to make the switch to WPCs, this guide will help you out. Read on! 

Components of WPC Wall Panels

A WPC deck overlooking a serene view of an adjacent infinity pool and scenic sea

A WPC (wood plastic composite) wall panel is an innovative product created from a cocktail of two different materials: wood fibers and thermoplastic components, such as PVC and polyethylene plastic—making the final product versatile and durable.

Unlike traditional wall panels made out of wood or plain PVC that are prone to rotting and premature breakage, WPC panels provide a good degree of weather and dirt resistance, which makes them low maintenance compared to their plain wood or plain plastic peers. 

But aside from the usual wood fiber and thermoplastic blends, Oakio offers something you’ll love even more. Our WPC wall panels are made from highly durable wood fibers and recycled plastics in the form of HDPE (high-density polyethylene), which has a better performance compared to PVCs. 

Benefits of WPC Wall Panels

WPC panels offer many benefits that homeowners, DIYers, contractors, and the like would love to have—making them one of the top choices in mind for outdoor space projects. 


One of the most sought-after selling points of WPCs is their low-maintenance feature. Since WPCs are dirt and weather-resistant, they only require minimal maintenance compared to traditional wood wall panels. 


Since WPCs are made from wood fibers and recycled plastics, they are much more sustainable than other types of wall panels available, such as wood panels and PVC panels.

Their sustainable composition also meets the standards of green buildings, making them a good choice for eco-friendly projects. 

Aesthetically Pleasing

WPC panels are made with aesthetically pleasing textures and color options. Though traditional wood is still the king concerning customization, WPCs are trailing fast.

WPC panels today emulate the look and feel of natural wood, which most of us would have trouble recognizing. 


Wood alone is durable, but once you add strong plastics, they become stronger and more durable together. WPCs boast outstanding durability and can resist blunt force, dents, and even scratches. 


While certain woods are porous (meaning they have micro “pores” that allow water in), some aren’t and can resist moisture. On the other hand, plastics are practically waterproof—and if you combine the two, you create WPC.

WPCs are ideal for moisture-prone areas, such as tropical environments, areas with high rain probabilities, and even snowy areas.

Where Do You Use WPC Wall Panels?

Now that you know the many benefits and features of WPCs, where do you use them? WPCs are versatile materials you can use on various projects, such as the following. 

Interior Walls

WPC panels can be used to decorate your interior walls and provide a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere, as well as add depth and texture to your overall interior design. Since WPCs are easy to install, they are becoming a top choice for people who want to improve their interior space. 

Exterior Cladding

Since WPCs are known to be extremely durable and weather-resistant, you can use them to decorate your exterior walls in the form of claddings. They provide a shield against dirt, dust, rain, and snow all while enhancing the overall look of your home. 


Bathrooms are moisture-rich areas, and while some types of natural wood may be good for bathrooms for their moisture-resistant features, WPCs will take the crown. These wall panels give your bathroom that needed style and aesthetics, all while retaining functionality. 


Yes, you can use WPCs in your kitchen. Though WPC panels are more commonly used in the exterior space, they can make your kitchen tougher, prettier, and more functional. Their features such as heat, stain, and moisture-resistances make them a pretty good kitchen material. 

Commercial Spaces

WPC wall panels look good in residential spaces, so why not install them in commercial spaces too? WPCs are increasingly becoming popular when creating modern commercial spaces for their design flexibility, durability, and overall aesthetics.

Since they’re low maintenance and highly durable, their cost-effectiveness is favored by businesses. 

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Right WPC Wall Panels

Before you go ahead and buy a WPC wall panel set, there are factors you need to consider. For example, if you’re planning to build a composite deck, you’ll need to factor in every part needed, such as the joists, footings, and beams.

But if you’re looking at the macro scale, you’ll need to factor in different things aside from the parts that are needed when deciding on your budget. 

Design and Aesthetic

The overall design of your wall panel plays a huge role in increasing the visual appeal of your property. That’s why it makes sense to consider the different design options available and match them according to your preferences, existing architectural design, and even geography.

Whether you want a minimalistic modern look or a rustic, vintage style, you must choose the WPC design that completes and compliments the themes you have in mind. 


If you’re in an area with high foot traffic, extreme weather conditions, and pollution, choosing a WPC that can resist these elements should be one of your priorities.

Though WPC panels are almost the same in terms of materials used, some panels are more durable than others, and it’s best to inspect and evaluate every product you’re planning to choose. 


A factor that determines the overall durability of a panel is its material composition. WPCs are primarily made of wood fibers and plastics, but some manufacturers take it up a notch and include engineered plastics and additives to make their products stronger.

The ratio of materials also plays a good role in determining how strong the panel is, and a well-balanced one often signifies good durability. 


The ease of installation is one factor you need to consider if you’re not planning on hiring the help of professional contractors. WPCs are actually not hard to install, but some kits may entail a complex installation process, especially when the kit comes with specialized parts. 

With this in mind, you should choose a WPC kit that has user-friendly installation instructions, straightforward mechanisms, and lightweight materials. But should you come across a point where you don’t know what to do next, we always suggest working with professionals. 


WPCs are low maintenance, and that’s an irrefutable fact. However, “low maintenance” doesn’t mean “no maintenance,” and at some point, you’ll need to do the maintenance process yourself.

The first thing to do when doing maintenance is to assess the overall condition of your panels by visual inspection. Look for any stains, growth of mold or mildew, dirt, as well as scratches, dents, or splinters if there are any.

But if you want lesser maintenance, we suggest you choose the panels that are easy to clean with household available cleaning materials. 


Cost is by far the biggest consideration to take into account. The costs of a wall panel project must be well-thought and examined to prevent potential financial mishaps and miscalculations as the project starts. 

Doing a cost analysis is one of the best things to do, and we always suggest balancing and examining your overall budget with your quality expectations. Some homeowners expect great results with a minimal budget, while some overestimate the quality with an even larger budget.

The goal is to balance your budget within the plans and specifications you or your contractor laid in place and to meet every standard laid on those plans without spending too much. You can use our Cladding Calculator to calculate what you need on your property.

Get High-Quality WPC Wall Panels from Oakio! 

If you’re looking for high-quality WPC wall panels that are durable, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing, look no further than Oakio!

As one of the leading producers and innovators of composite materials, Oakio has set numerous industry standards for quality, eco-friendly practices, and durability. Our wide range of WPC panels cater to your every WPC needs, giving you the best bang for your buck products!

Not only that, apart from our products, we also offer tools to help you visualize your WPC journey! Our product visualizer tool can help you imagine how our panels can improve the overall look of your space, giving you an informed decision with confidence in mind.

Sign up for our newsletter today and enjoy reading our latest blogs and be in the know for deals and discounts exclusive to our biggest fans and subscribers!

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