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Installation and Precautions for Outdoor Pergola

The installation of outdoor grape pergolas is very simple for professionals. The cutting and combination of plastic wood materials are simple and easy. However, suppose you ignore the details. In that case, the stability of the outdoor pergolas after installation will be insufficient, and the appearance is not satisfactory. Choosing a professional team to perform the installation is essential.

Ⅰ. Installation steps of outdoor pergola

Installation materials: plastic wood materials (columns, beams, blades), steel substrate seats, galvanized square pipes, expansion bolts, screws, connectors, etc. Installation tools: level, impact drill, cutting machine, handheld rechargeable drill, ladder, etc.

1. Before installing and constructing outdoor pergolas, drawings must be done under the pre-design requirements and on-site construction conditions, and the installation and construction planning steps must be done.

2. Before performing the installation steps, make sure that the concrete base level of the installation site is flat, and the thickness can meet the installation and construction requirements.

3. When installing plastic wood columns, the foundation surface of each column is required to be on the same level, and all columns on the same straight line must meet the design span requirements.

4. When making the steel base plate, the thickness of the base steel plate must be ≥5mm, and the galvanized steel pipe wall welded on the steel plate must be ≥1.5mm; after adjusting the spacing and horizontal line, use expansion bolts to fix the steel base plate on the concrete floor.

5. A galvanized steel pipe must be inserted into all the beams of the outdoor pergola. The diameter of the galvanized steel pipe is slightly smaller than the hollow size of the plastic wood beam by 1 to 2mm. Of course, galvanized square pipes can also be used; After finishing the plastic-wood beam, two stainless steel self-drilling screws are used to connect the galvanized pipe and the plastic-wood beam in an unobtrusive place of the plastic-wood beam.

Ⅱ. Precautions for outdoor pergola installation

The horizontal span of the outdoor pergola determines the length of the plastic-wood blade at the upper end of the gallery. The length of the plastic-wood blade should be 100 to 250mm longer than both ends of the horizontal span between the columns when the blade span of the outdoor grape pergola is ≤ 2 meters. The blade can be directly fixed on the plastic-wood beam; when the blade span of the plastic-wood pergola is more than 2 meters, the plastic-wood blade needs to be inserted into the galvanized pipe to prevent the plastic-wood blade from sagging and deforming. When the blade span of the outdoor grape truss is more than 3 meters, the design drawings and the actual situation on the site must be integrated to compensate the force by rope or other methods to maintain the overall balance and beauty of the outdoor pergola. In addition, the steel backing seat and all cross-sections of the inner steel pipe must be painted with anti-rust paint to prevent corrosion.

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