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Tips for WPC Decking Care and Cleaning

Wood-plastic composite materials can resemble real wood texture. At the same time, it is resistant to moisture, insects, mould and high temperature. It is crack-free with low maintenance. There are some tips for WPC decking care and cleaning.

1. When walking on the wood-plastic floor, try to wear cloth slippers, preferably barefoot.

2. Some special stains on the wpc decking floor, such as paint, ink, etc., can be cleaned and wiped directly with a special detergent.

3. In the usual cleaning process, do not mop the wpc decking with an over-wet mop. If you accidentally spill water, wipe it with a soft cloth in time and keep it dry.

4. Pay attention to preventing rough, hard and sharp objects. Do not drag and hang them on wpc decking.

5. When placing tables and chairs, put a protective pad on the ground. Moisture-proof treatment should be finished before floor paving. Do not use plywood and wood with high moisture content during installation. Never forget to set a damp-proof course.

wpc decking care and cleaning
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