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New Wood-plastic Thermal Insulation Cladding

Plastic-wood thermal insulation cladding is made from polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride and other thermoplastic plastic and wood powder, plant straw powder, plant seed shells etc. as raw materials by extrusion and injection molding and pressing methods. The finish product is a hollow board filled with various heat preservation materials. This is a new type of wall decoration material that integrates decoration, heat preservation, sound insulation and fire protection. Its heat preservation effect is 7 degrees higher than ordinary boards and 10 degrees higher than paint, which can reduce the loss of indoor temperature to create a warm home environment in the cold winter.

Plastic-wood cladding is currently the main thermal insulation material in the world. It is mostly used for wall, doors and windows, exterior walls and other architectural decorations, showing its thermal insulation effect. Through the application of environmentally friendly thermal insulation materials in the product, plastic-wood exterior wall cladding panels can have the thermal insulation effect in winter and have thermal insulation effect in summer. It is suitable for southern and northern regions in China to achieve the warm winter and cool summer. Also, the sound insulation effect reaches 29 decibels.

The outer layer of plastic wood panel is enclosed to form a closed plastic wood cladding cavity, and various thermal insulation materials are added in the middle to make self-insulating plastic wood panels. This plastic wood panel can be applied to the outer wall of steel structures to achieve the steel structure's thermal insulation performance. It also reduces the weight of the building itself and saves materials. Many kinds of exterior wall systems can be used in steel structures. Plastic wood self-insulation is applied to steel structures, which plays the role of exterior walls and it no longer requires a separate insulation layer. However, since the plastic-wood self-insulation board is a new exterior wall panel, the steel-frame plastic-wood outer wall self-insulation system is a new external wall system. There has been no actual research and application before, and a lot of work still needs to be carried out, such as optimizing the formula of wood-plastic materials and strengthening the production process to reduce production costs and improve its durability, optimize the structure of the board and improve its thermal insulation.

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