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Which is better? Solid Decking or Hollow Decking?

Many customers often ask this question: Which is better, hollow wood-plastic decking or solid wood-plastic decking? In fact, both hollow and solid plastic wood decking have excellent performances such as fire resistance and water resistance, wood texture and both are green to the environment. It can be seen everywhere in parks, residential properties, wooden boards, closed horizontal platforms, and other outdoor places.

The difference between solid plastic wood decking and hollow is listed as follows:

1. Pavement location

If the pavement is installed in a crowded place, you can consider choosing a solid composite decking with high carrying capacity or a standard hole-thick hollow plastic wood decking. If it is paved in a place where few people move around, choose a plastic-wood hollow decking.

2. Joist material

If you choose steel Joist, it is generally recommended that customers choose solid wood decking, but whether it is steel Joist or plastic wood Joist, the spacing is between 30cm-40cm.

WPC solid decking or WPC hollow decking? Which is better? OAKIO answers your question. OAKIO Plastic Hollow Wood decking and Solid Wood decking have complete specifications, which can meet different specifications and material selection requirements of customers.

The difference and choice between solid plastic wood decking and hollow
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