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You Can't Imagine the Benefits of Indoor Hard Wearing Decking!

The hard wearing decking is mostly used in outdoor places. However, with the popularity of plastic wood in recent years, some people gradually apply hard wearing decking to indoors. It is found that the use of hard wearing decking indoors is more economical than other materials!

The plastic wood is originally a material developed for outdoor use, so it is capable of withstanding the outdoor harsh climate, naturally, it can be used indoors with ease. There is no need to worry about the continuous wet weather in the south because the plastic wood material is water-proof and moisture-proof. The hard wearing decking can fundamentally solve the problem of wood products being prone to rot, swell and deform after being affected with damp in a humid environment.

The outdoor hard wearing decking is able to effectively prevent pests harassment and prolong the service life. It is an environmentally friendly material with no peculiar smell that enables people to move into house directly after decoration. The most important characteristic is that the hard wearing decking has extremely high fire resistance and it is an effective flame retardant, reaching fire rating B1 level and can be self-extinguishing away from the fire without producing any toxic gas, which is particularly important in the home.

The indoor hard wearing decking also more or less has a sound-absorbing effect, which is conducive to maintaining the neighbor relationship on account of not easily bringing the noise to the neighbors downstairs.

The indoor hard wearing decking has a good workability and can be nailed, planed, sawed as well as drilled. It is simple to install and convenient to construct without complicated construction techniques, which saves installation time and costs. It couldn't be better to use the indoor hard wearing decking!

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