Decking Calculator Computation: How Much Does Decking Cost?

Adding a deck to your property is an exciting project that will transform your outdoor space into something more serene and relaxing for your family and guests. But before you embark on this project, use a decking calculator to factor in the overall costs. 

Since a composite decking system will need to fit perfectly in your property, there are several factors you need to consider in terms of cost and prices. Every factor affects decking costs, from size dimension requirements to the overall project complexity.

To help you, we’ve created this blog to serve as your primary resource to learn how much your deck installation would cost, how to optimize your budget, how to factor in different decking scenarios, and just about everything in between. 

How Much Does A Composite Deck Cost?

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Composite deck installation costs vary on multiple factors, such as the size, number of materials used, design complexity, and location. If we discuss costs per square foot, composite decking could range between $30 and $60.

If we discuss total investment costs, you will spend between $3000 to $8000 or higher, depending on your preferred dimensions and specifications.

Other decking options, such as traditional wood, cost around $15 to $25, while premium wood such as cedar costs you at least $25 to $35 per square foot. According to Statista, around 50,000 single-family homes in the USA have decks and have varying overall costs.

But to give you an idea, a composite deck’s cost is distributed in several ways. Here’s a rough estimate of a composite deck installed by a contractor:

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Note that labor costs usually take up the higher percentages of the overall costs at 30% to 50%. 

At times, depending on the project’s complexity, more materials may be needed than what’s calculated during the project’s conception—something advantageous for you to think ahead and prepare for it as well. 

Sample Decking Scenario 

In this sample decking scenario, let’s tackle a composite decking system’s dimensions, design, and material and give you a sample material calculation with a decking calculator.

Measurements: 6.96 x 4.57 x 1 meters (L x W x H)

Design: Single-level rectangle without railings

Material: Proshield Composite Decking Boards, Fascia Boards, Stainless Steel Clips and Screws

Calculation of materials needed: 

  1. 62 pieces of Proshield Decking
  2. 79 pieces of fascia boards
  3. 67 pieces of starter clips
  4. 698 pieces of expansion clips
  5. 62 pieces of locking clips
  6. 827 pieces of screws. 

For a detailed decking calculation and costs, please visit our Decking Calculator or connect with our chat support to request a free quotation. 

Factors In Calculating Deck Building Costs 

As mentioned, several factors affect deck building costs, such as deck size, deck shape, geographical location, the brand of your preferred board, the deck material, the type of fasteners, the amount of labor needed, and additional costs you’ll need to account for. 

Deck Size 

The primary factor affecting your composite deck’s overall cost is your preferred deck size. Since a deck comprises multiple deck boards, you must account for every piece needed. Larger decks would require more materials and labor, increasing prices.

To optimize your budget, carefully consider your preferences and your actual available space so you can determine the best deck size that’s a perfect fit for your project budget. You may also use the help of an exterior designer or architect to provide professional insights valuable to your project. 

Deck Shape

Apart from the size of your deck, your deck shape matters and would increase your project cost. For example, if you want a circular deck installation, shaping rectangular deck boards would need more time and effort from the contractor—increasing the labor costs.

You might also want a deck with multiple levels and curved corners—all requiring more materials and more intensive labor. If you opt for a more straightforward design and traditional shapes like square and rectangle, costs would be cheaper and easier to maintain in the long run. 

Deck Location

A deck project’s location also affects the overall project cost due to the following: logistics and delivery accessibility, substructure requirements, and the location’s prevailing weather or climate.

For example, if your property is on uneven terrain, your deck’s substructure needs to be reinforced to prevent accidents resulting from soil erosion or softening, especially in frequent rain.

Logistics also play a significant role; if you live in an area far away from your deck supplier, delivery costs would naturally be higher.

Brands of Decking Boards

Your brand of choice for your deck boards also plays a significant role. Since manufacturers offer differently priced deck boards based on their target markets, some may offer cheaper products with suboptimal durability, and some offer more expensive but more durable ones like Oakio.

If you come across a not-so-well-known brand, you can assume they offer cheaper boards. But if you want to opt for a famous brand, you can always believe they offer premium, more durable products, though the best way is to read reviews and order a sample yourself. 

Decking Type

Aside from the dimensions and shape of your deck, your preferred decking material also primarily impacts the overall price costs. On average, wood decks are cheaper than non-traditional decks such as composites and premium wood.

Premium wood, such as cedar, would need high initial investment and costly regular maintenance to maintain its pristine, premium look. In fact, contractors are necessary for maintenance because of the intricacies of the maintenance process.

Composite decks need a higher initial investment than a simple pressure-treated wood deck, but you’ll reap long-term savings through their low maintenance and long-lasting features.

Fastener Type

Fasteners hold the composite decking boards together, either in a hidden or “showy” manner. The type of fasteners also affects the project’s initial cost but may contribute to better long-term maintenance costs depending on the type.

Non-hidden fasteners are cheaper but will also be subjected to elements, making them prone to rust (if they’re metal) or chipping and may become brittle. (if they’re made of plastic). Hidden fasteners increase your deck’s aesthetics and reduce the need for aesthetics-related maintenance runs.


Labor takes up 30% to a whopping 50% of your total project cost. You’ll have a cheaper deck installation project if you do it yourself. Still, we don’t recommend it if you don’t have professional experience installing composite boards for a deck.

The fact is, you’re paying for the professional expertise of your contractor so you can have a perfectly installed composite deck and a low-maintenance deck for many years. Labor costs will also be higher if you employ an exterior designer or architect to oversee the project. 

Additional Costs and Considerations 

Sometimes there are additional costs when the initial calculations are wrong or if you, as the homeowner, want something to be added during the deck construction. Oftentimes, there are also permits and landscaping needed. 


Some more premium decking materials offer extended warranties, which may increase your initial project investment. Still, these extended warranties provide you peace of mind that your deck will be replaced or refunded if they don’t perform as they should.

Warranties also help you save money by covering a fraction of the total cost of the product in case it fails to meet your expectations. 


Based on your location, some states and counties require a permit if you want to build a deck on your property. These permits are documents that show you’re permitted to construct a new feature in your house that’s in line with your local building codes.

Note: Permit costs vary depending on your state, so it’s best to include them in your budget.

Old Deck Removal

If you intend to replace your old deck with a new composite deck, you can remove it yourself, though hiring a contractor is best. Removing an old deck is a lengthy and effort-intensive process that takes a contractor team a few hours to complete. 

Yard Grading and Leveling

Ensuring your yard is graded correctly and level is one of the most important things to do before the project starts. This ensures your yard and the soil can accommodate the deck and its weight. 

Thinking About Decking? Go for Oakio!

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Oakio offers four distinct composite decking products you’ll love and adore for years and decades to come! Feel free to refer to this table to get to know more about our decking solutions:

Decking ProductFeaturesColor OptionsNotes
ProshieldUltra-stain and UV-resistant

25-year warranty

Golf ball material construction, ensuring extra protection
12 color optionsOur top-of-the-line product
Iniwood3D wood grain embossed

95% made of recycled materials


15-year warranty
Nine color optionsOur cheapest product 


Extremely hard surface

3D wood grain embossed
Six color optionsOur innovative fire-resistant product
Elashield2 mm thicker than the three

Elastic and soft surface

Slip and skid-resistant

Six color optionsOur pool-perfect product

If you’re enticed by the thought of having a composite deck on your property, we invite you to order free samples delivered to your doorstep today! 

Looking For A Decking Provider? Go for Oakio!

Oakio is here to help you out as the leading innovator of composite wood manufacturing. We offer composite products to help you build your dream deck, all without the fuss and all with premium features you won’t find in other WPC products!

Decking costs vary based on multiple factors, and one of the best ways to find a good approximation of the price is to note every factor we’ve discussed and ask for quotations from qualified contractors and a decking calculator from WPC manufacturers like Oakio. 

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