Why You Need to Have Composite Pergolas in Your Yard Stat! 

Looking for a way to beautify and improve your yard? Whether it be your front yard or backyard, one thing stands out when you want it to be a place of relaxation, privacy, and beauty: a composite pergola.

Previously an ornamental addition to a homeowner’s abode, a pergola is meant to provide shade to space, all while adding elegance, beauty, and functionality. A composite pergola does the same but has added features that traditional pergolas don’t have.

In this article, we’ll share with you the pros and cons of owning one and several reasons why you need to have a composite pergola in your yard as soon as possible. Read on! 

What is a Composite Pergola?

A shaded walkway featuring a composite pergola system

A composite pergola is a type of pergola that uses “composites” as its material. Composites are made from a cocktail of wood fibers, plastics, and resins as a binding agent. Compared to traditional wood pergolas, composites are more durable, sturdy, and versatile.

Other pergola material types include wood, metal, fiberglass, PVC, or even bamboo. Each has pros and cons and should be thoroughly considered according to your preferences, actual space, and existing architectural elements.

But since pergolas need sturdy posts to withstand elements and the sheer force of the wind, a composite pergola material is an advantageous option if you want longevity and ease of use and installation in mind.

Oakio offers premium pergola systems through our Armstrong line of composite pergolas to make your outdoor space more welcoming, tranquil, and elegant. Composed of several durable materials, our pergolas are rated to resist hurricane-force winds, heavy snow, and even sweltering heat!

What is a Composite Pergola Made of?

The composition of composite pergolas varies from manufacturer to manufacturer; some manufacturers add several other components to make their products stronger while reducing components to bring down prices. 

But generally, composite pergola kits are made of fiberglass or glass fibers, wood fibers, polymers, and some fire, mold, or UV resistance additives. Cheaper composites tend to skimp on some materials to reduce prices.

On the other hand, our Armstrong line of pergolas at Oakio is made from reinforced glass fibers, premium oak wood fibers, high-density polymer resins, and anti-UV additives to keep your pergola looking pristine and elegant for years to come! 

Is a Composite Pergola Better than a Traditional Wood Pergola?

Yes, composite pergolas are better than traditional wooden pergolas. Though both have their respective pros and cons, composite pergolas are still the better choice between the two for these factors:

  • Durability: a composite pergola material is more durable than wood, thanks to the cohesive cocktail of different materials that can withstand the wind, elements, and even molds. In contrast, wood needs specialized coatings to make them more durable. 
  • Low maintenance: composites rarely need intensive maintenance processes, thanks to their dirt, stain, and moisture resistance—all of which traditional wood struggles with. 
  • Longevity: though wood may sometimes be as long-lasting, if not longer-lasting than composites, wood is generally shorter-lived than composites when not treated with protective chemicals. 

Why Should You Have Composite Pergolas?

You should have composite pergolas on your property because they provide more benefits and features than regular and traditional pergolas. Whether you intend to variate your options in a traditional wood, metal, or PVC pergola, you should choose a composite over it for many reasons.

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of getting a composite pergola, shall we? 

  • Pros of Composite Pergolas:

Composite pergolas aren’t necessarily the talk of the town, but they’re famous for their benefits:

Composite Pergolas are Affordable

When comparing the costs of composites to other materials such as wood and metal, you can say that composite pergolas are more affordable than them. Though you may shell out a large sum of money in one go, the ROI is worth it since composites last longer than traditional pergolas. 

You can DIY Composite Pergolas 

Yes, you’ve read that right. Compared to traditional pergolas, composite pergolas are something you can install and lightly customize by yourself. Since we provide the materials, you’re responsible for how you want it to look during installation. Other pergola types need the expertise of pergola installers, which can cost more money.

It is Durable and Long-Lasting

Inarguably, the best selling point of a composite pergola is its durability and long-lasting lifespan, which are astounding and excellent compared to its competitors. Composites are naturally weatherproof, mold, dirt, fire, and UV-resistant, lasting for years and decades.

Can Provide Great Outdoor Ambiance

Pergolas rose to fame thanks to its ability to improve an outdoor space’s ambiance and overall atmosphere. A composite pergola is the way to go if you want your mediocre outdoor space to be more alluring and comforting.

Can be Attached with a Fabric or a Roof for Weather Protection

If you want your pergola to be more weather-protective, you can customize it by adding a fabric or a roof to provide more shade and weather protection. Let’s face it, not all of us are fans of skin tanning—and a fabric-draped or a roof-installed composite pergola seems like a pretty option.

  • Cons of Composite Pergolas

Unfortunately, no pergola material type is perfect, and even composite pergolas have cons that may be a hit or miss depending on your budget, preferences, and intended architectural use. Let’s discuss this below: 

It Still Needs Maintenance 

Yes, composite pergolas are low maintenance, but that doesn’t mean they’re maintenance-free. Like wood, metal, PVC, or fiberglass pergolas, composites still need maintenance to keep them pristine. Maintenance can include cleaning, light brushing, and watering them down. 

Some Real Estate Buyers are Not a Fan

If you’re considering selling your property with a composite pergola, remember that some potential buyers may not be fans of composite pergolas. In fact, some might even like more traditional pergolas made of wood, metal, or fiberglass. 

May Not Necessarily Add Property Value

Unfortunately, adding a composite pergola doesn’t automatically add a big value to your property in the context of real estate selling. Though it may add a certain percentage to your property’s total value, it’s not certain and depends on several factors. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Composite Pergolas Hard to Install?

Nope, you can actually install one yourself. Composite pergola parts are lightweight, including composite pergola beams and posts, making them easy to work with. Plus, our composites come with an installation manual to help you out. 

Can I Customize the Design of My Composite Pergola?

Yes, you can! In fact, one of the best things about composites is their versatility and customizability. You can order more parts to go with a kit and decide on the design yourself! You can also install a fabric or roof to go along with it. 

Can Composite Pergolas Withstand Harsh Weather Conditions?

Yes. At Oakio, our composite pergolas are rated to withstand heavy snow, sustained heat and humidity, and even hurricane-force winds! Yep, you’ve read that right, storm-force winds—but provided they’re installed correctly. 

Can I Install a Composite Pergola on a Composite Decking

Can you put a pergola on a composite deck? That’s a yes! But it depends on the manufacturer of both pergola and decking. At Oakio, our pergolas and decking are cross-compatible—meaning you can install them seamlessly and make a composite deck with a pergola! 

Ready to Make the Move? Build Your Composite Pergola with Oakio! 

Are you looking for a final sign to get composite pergola kits to install in your outdoor space? This is the sign! Not only are composites more durable and long-lasting than traditional pergolas, but they’re also low-maintenance, easy to install and work on, and available in various color options you can choose from!

If you don’t have an idea what a composite pergola part looks like, we got you! We offer free samples delivered straight to your doorstep! With that, you can now feel the material difference between composites and other pergola materials and make an informed decision.

Aside from free samples, we also have an intuitive, free, and easy-to-use Oakio Product Visualizer! You can use this tool to visualize how our pergola, with various color options, would look on your property! You can also visualize our other product offerings, such as composite decks, fences, and more! 

At Oakio, we’re committed to bringing you the best industry-leading composite solutions. With our industry expertise and multi-year experience, we provide innovative composite pergola systems that are long-lasting, elegant, and bang for your buck!

Contact us today, and let’s guide you through your composite pergola journey!

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